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Just after Christmas, Taz was playing with her friends and ran across the icey road. A truck coming couldn't stop and she was trapped under the tire. Against all odds with a broken back, she survived surgery and therapy and is living a happy life

Just after Christmas, Taz was playing with her friends and ran across the icey road. A truck coming couldn't stop and she was trapped under the tire. Against all odds with a broken back, she survived surgery and therapy and is living a happy life

In the short amount of time that we have had Taz, she has touched many lives and captured many hearts. Her name when we adopted her was Joy and it is very fitting. Coming out of the holidays, we were moving Haley back home. Matt and David were at David’s unloading some of her items for storage and were getting ready to leave when the neighbor’s dogs Remmie and Rusty ran past. Taz loves them and she couldn’t resist. She jumped out of the truck and gave chase to catch up. Matt’s heart started pounding as he watched them run towards the road! He watched in slow motion, calling her name as a truck came over the hill towards them. The driver tried to stop but the roads were icy. He started to slide and Matt watched in horror as Taz was trapped under his back tire and was dragged down the road. Once freed, Taz frantically ran and cowered under Matt’s truck. He knew that it was bad because she was dragging her back legs all the way.
Matt and David jumped into the truck and raced to the vet. Matt stared at her leg as her skin was pretty much ripped off and was being very careful knowing that she was severely injured. Taz’s head was nodding and her eyes kept rolling into the back of her head. Her training sessions helped Matt to keep her focused on him so that she didn’t slip away. Taz had to wait at the vet for a couple of hours for X-rays and was pretty drugged up.

Once he got me and brought me there, the X-rays were done and we had the diagnosis; her back was broken… Stephanie, the vet, put the X-rays up for us to see and was explaining them. Our hearts were sinking because it didn’t seem that there would be any way for her to recover. She let us know that Taz was actually showing promising signs though because if she squeezed her toes she could still feel it! Even though her back was broken, it appeared that it had not severed her spinal cord. She let us know that if we wanted to try to save her, we would have to take her to Canton because that is the only animal neurologist around. The drive was horrible and a few hours felt like days, but we made it. They let us know that looking at the X-rays, they did not think there was any chance but that meant nothing since she could feel her toes. They let us know that the process would be long and expensive but that there was a chance that she could live a happy, fulfilling life. So of course, we had them operate. Taz is too young and vibrant to have her life cut so short so soon. She went into emergency surgery that evening and would be spending some time in the hospital there for recovery. Her time in the hospital was miserable. Matt and I could barely sleep and she wouldn’t eat anything. Matt went to visit on Wednesday, just 2 days after the accident, and she was barely recognizable. Her demeanor had changed and she had lost a lot of weight. She was very depressed and refused to eat. Matt, spent much of the day with her and was finally able to get her to eat and drink a little bit. When we went back the next day, she was starting to become her normal self. She was happier and had eaten some more. We couldn’t wait for Saturday to be able to bring her home. We spent most of new years day getting the house ready. We had to buy crates and gates because she needed to be confined for 6-8 weeks. We set up a couple of areas for her to keep her comfortable and close to us.

Her homecoming was bitter sweet. We were excited to have her out of the hospital but we new that this was just the beginning. Taz had just had her catheter removed and we were going to have to assist her going to the bathroom. We were coming up with various means of straps and contraptions to be able to assist us with bringing her outside to go to the bathroom. After many days of sore backs, physical therapy sessions and leg pumping, Taz is on the road to recovery. It is amazing that she was supposed to be crate confined for 6-8 weeks. 4 weeks in and she is standing and starting to take steps. 6 weeks and she is almost walking with out help (just don’t let her get too excited or she will fall over.

She is showing all signs that she should recover. She has the heart of a champion.  Hard to believe that it is now June and she is running and playing with her friends.  Taz is our crooked little girl and doing amazing.  She has all of her heart and charm and still warms over everyone that she meets.  She has touched so many lives and we are grateful that she is still able to do so.
The cost is a huge burden on us as Matt is out of work. We are looking to the help of our friends and family for any support possible to be able to help cover the costs. We are grateful for the prayers and support from so many people. All of you are helping Taz to recover and we couldn’t be more appreciative. 


Taz is our friend, our partner, our dog. We are her life, her love, her leaders.  She will be ours, faithfull and true, to the last beat of her heart. We owe it to Taz to be worthy of such devotion.




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