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Let's rally around Kelly Van Sant, who needs our support through his journey with Aspergillosis and his medical expenses.

Kelly Van Sant is one of the strongest, most compassionate and caring individuals that we have ever known. We are setting up this fundraiser to help Kelly through this difficult time in his life. He grew up on the Eastern Shore in Millington, MD, and is the son of Ken and Betty Van Sant. He is loved by all and helped many with his Chiropractic practice which was located in Centreville, MD from 2004 to 2009. Due to his debilitating illness he had to close his practice in November 2009.
Over the past 5 plus years, Kelly has sought the help of countless physicians (at least 50) including Cleveland Clinic, Jefferson Headache Center and Johns Hopkins, all with wrong diagnoses. After going through 2 years of suspected lyme treatment in 2009-2010, his condition progressively got worse. In the past year, he has been in and out of hospitals and finally, a spinal tap done this summer, revealed an invasive fungal infection in his brain and spinal cord. In addition, granulomas were found in his brain and lungs confirming the diagnosis of invasive Aspergillosis. Due to the severity of the illness, he needed to start IV anti-fungals for a minimum of 6-12 months, as well as, oral and nasal anti-fungals for an indefinite period of time. The medical bills have been astronomical and the prescription costs, without having prescription coverage with his insurance, are reaching into the thousands per month.
Kelly's family and close friends have played an instrumental role in being there to help him and his wife through this difficult time in their lives. With your help, we are hoping to raise funds to enable him to continue the treatment that he so desperately needs and hopefully reduce some of his medical bills.
He and his wife have depleted their life savings and had to sell their home, so any help would be so greatly appreciated! He is so looking forward to getting his life back and enjoy spending time with his family and friends. He has been unable to do this, due to the severity of his illness, and that has been one of the hardest things for him to accept. Once he has his health back, he is looking forward to practicing Chiropractic again! Thank you so much for any help you can give!
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