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The family and friends of Laura (Brammeier) Yoho are asking for your donation to help with Laura's fight against Brain Cancer.

     Laura’s Story      

Laura (Brammeier) Yoho is a beautiful and adventurous woman. Helping others has always been a priority in her life. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Fitness and Human Performance from St Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, Laura began working as a personal trainer. In 2007 she was offered an exciting opportunity to start a new chapter in her life where she accepted a management position at Aspen Athletics in Des Moines, Iowa. Leaving her hometown and the life she knew to embark on a new career, in a new city, made Laura excited for the adventure. With a positive attitude and a beaming smile – she set her sights on the future and it was her road to pave.     

As a true professional, Laura’s main focus was to get acquainted with her new surroundings and begin her new role in developing her staff but more importantly by helping her clients reach their goals. Laura has trained hundreds of clients and has provided support and encouragement for many men and women in their struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Knowing the importance of her role as a leader, she understood that people have the drive to better their lives and she was always there to help them reach their goals. Failure was never an option and “I can’t do it” were words she never wanted to hear.     

After some time had passed, Laura’s attitude and determination caught the eye of another trainer, Nate Yoho. Within a few months of working together they both realized that there was an undeniable chemistry between them. Nate and Laura began dating and as time passed they were inseparable. On November 5th, 2010, Nate devised a plan and proposed. She said, YES.     

The months to follow were an exciting time for the newly engaged couple. Nate and Laura had set their wedding date for August 13, 2011. From the dress, to the flowers, to the centerpieces, and entertainment they had choreographed just about every aspect of their wedding. When the save-the-date magnets went out, they couldn’t contain their excitement knowing that their wedding was officially a few short months away!   

Everything in Laura’s life was coming together, a good job, a loving fiancé and the excitement of a wedding. It wasn’t until one early morning in March of 2011 that Nate and Laura’s world would turn upside down.     

Laura showed up to work just like any other day and began her routine workout. Not feeling like herself, she decided to cut her workout short and get ready for her day. While in the locker room Laura blacked out for an undetermined period of time. When she regained consciousness, Laura was unable to form or comprehend a sentence. Not fully knowing what was happening to her she left work and drove home, thinking things might improve. After a few attempts to contact close family members and not being able to put words together she dialed 911 and was taken to the hospital.     

Following three days in the hospital, Laura was diagnosed as having a stroke and was sent home. Over the next four-five weeks she was still experiencing symptoms. Doctors dismissed her symptoms and assured her that they were typical signs of a stroke. In April of 2011, not satisfied with her progress, Laura sought a second opinion. Follow-up tests revealed her symptoms were the result of a brain tumor, not a stroke.     

The diagnosis was devastating. Laura and Nate had no time to process what was happening. Before they knew it they were on their way to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, three hours outside of Des Moines. Within a week Laura was poked and prodded with additional tests and prepping for surgery. In May of 2011 doctors performed a total resection of an Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Grade III) malignant tumor. Remaining positive and hoping for the best, Laura recovered from her surgery and followed up with additional treatment. She received 33 treatments of radiation and chemotherapy up until the week of their wedding on August 13, 2011.

Laura and Nate were committed to having the wedding because it was everything they had worked hard for and still knew their day would be special. They remained positive and prayed for the best possible outcome. Doctors scheduled Laura for a follow-up MRI in February 2012. The results were disappointing. The tumor had come back.

Knowing that time was of the essence, a second surgery was performed in March of 2012 to remove the tumor, followed by a new round of chemotherapy. Again, praying for the best they patiently waited for the results of her follow up MRI in April of 2012 - the tumor returned again.

Laura’s next option was to change chemotherapy treatments and wait for the results of the MRI which was scheduled in May of 2012. Again, doctors delivered another devastating blow. The tumor had doubled in size. There was no other option but to operate for a third time to remove the tumor. Willing to do anything necessary to treat her illness, Laura braved another surgery in July of 2012. The diagnosis this time was a Grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme. In September of 2012 the tumor appeared on the MRI. Immediately following the discovery Laura was scheduled to do another round of radiation which she recently completed.

Knowing the battle she is up against, Laura remains positive and manages her stress the best way she knows how. She has been through three surgeries and two radiation treatments along with multiple chemotherapy sessions all of which have not worked. The cancer that Laura has is a very challenging brain cancer which doctors are actively trying to find cures for all over the world. Right now, Laura’s best options are to participate in clinical trials which currently are taking place in various places out of state.

Laura and Nate are actively seeking alternative treatments to help her beat this cancer. She has dedicated her life to helping others get healthy and achieve their goals. She motivates men and women who struggle with their own physical ailments and she herself is fighting for her life.

Many people ask what they can do to help Laura in her fight against cancer. As a way to get everyone involved, this donation page has been set up specifically to aid in the efforts to get her treatment. With the financial help to off-set medical costs and travel expenses we can all help Laura get the treatment she needs!  


One Workout at a Time published by Local News KCCI

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