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My family is in dire need of some financial help. We are about to lose it all. I don\'t want us to be homeless but I know that it\'s coming soon. Please help us.

My Name is Kristy McCutcheon, I am 24 years old. I am married to a wonderful man his name is Chris. We have a 5 month old daughter who means the world to the both of us. Everything we do is for her. We have having a VERY hard time right now. We have pretty much been going through hell for the past year. I am to the point now where I just can't take it anymore. We are losing everything. My rent ($233) was due on 3/1 and the Landlord said that if it was not paid by the 6th she would start eviction proceedings. I had to take a loan ($168) out on my car the day that it was given to me so that I could pay the rent and buy some kind of Christmas for my daughter. It is now 2 months behind. It was her first and I was not going to let her go without no matter what I had to do. The payment for that was due on 2/6 I have been hiding my car so that they don't come and take it before I can pay them. My insurance ($125 for 3 months) ran out on my car on 2/25. So I can't drive it anywhere because I really don't want to lose my license. My lights are prepaid and I can never get enough money up to pay them for more than one day at a time so I am constantly worried about the lights getting shut off. The house that we live in is in very bad condition. There are holes everywhere which make it very cold at night. I do not have central heat and air so we rely on the one space heater. We have hung blankets up and we stay in one room all the time so that we can stay warm. I cannot fix this house and the landlord will do nothing about it without raising the rent and I can't pay it the way that it is now so I can't do that. I have just started going back to school online at the University of Phoenix. But I can't ever afford to keep the house phone on for more than a month without it getting shutoff for another month so in turn I am slipping in school. If I can keep at it for just a few more weeks my student loan check will be coming at the end of March. I can't wait. It's not much but I know that I can get our life back on track with that as long as we make it till then. I am all out of ideas; I can no longer be stressed out like this because I fear that it will be the death of me. My husband worries because all I can seem to do anymore is worry and cry. This has made me so very depressed that there is nothing I enjoy anymore. All I do is worry worry worry. I really can’t handle it much longer. I have turned to this site with the hopes that someone out there will read this and be able to help me in some way. It has gotten to the point where it takes everything I have to get out of bed in the morning. I am not trying to make anyone pity us. I just need help. This story is sad yes but the real sad thing is that it is ALL true. I do not want my child to have to see her mom like this. The only thing I hope is that she is so young that maybe she won't remember any of this. I feel like the most horrible mother and person. I hate having to ask for help. We used to not have to worry about anything. When I got pregnant last year I was put on bed rest for 6 Months because I was never supposed to have kids and they didn't want me doing anything to Jeopardize the pregnancy. Not long after that my husband was laid off of his job due to lack of work. That was in March of last year. We have been living pillar to post ever since then. My husband did a lot of things wrong in his past and has a criminal background. He served his time and has now been out of prison now for 2 years without being in any kind of trouble not even a ticket. But because of his background it is hard for him to find a job. He is now in a program that helps you to learn new skills and they pay him minimum wage but he just started this week and we won't see any money until next Friday and even then it won't be much but it's something. I am sorry for the long story I just really needed to get this all out. I have no one that I can talk to because they all make me feel like a bad person. I hope that things will start to get better soon but until then I am praying and praying and praying. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I am sorry for how it sounds. If you would like to get in touch with me you can email me at or on here. I am new to this site and still have not figured it all out yet. Hope that you have a beautiful and Blessed day filled with happiness.

Thank you so much,

Kristy, Chris, and Abbigail.

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