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Shera Oliveria's From Sacto to L.A.-fight ITP Fund. Funds directed towards getting her car on the road and back here to get treatment.

UPDATE! We made our initial goal of $400 and what we will be doing next is twofold; 1) we are closing this fundraiser so that Shera can get her car fixed and get to her doctor appointments to be ready for her Disability Hearing later this month. 2) we are going to reopen this fundraiser in a 2nd phase and extend it til July 29, 2012 because Shera will not be returning to Los Angeles until after her Disability hearing in late May and depending on the outcome of that, she may or may not need more help.

Also, Shera did not realistically tell me how much she actually needed to get back home and also did not tell me that she is about to lose her place. Also found out that she needs better Health Insurance to get the care she needs in order to treat ITP! So, knowing how we humans are, I realize that Shera is embarrassed and think no one cares about her situation. She also doesn't believe anyone will really help her. So please, if you are reading this, send her a note on her Facebook or contact me and I will let her know you care.. And if you can spare the cost of a cup of coffee or can send this note out to your friends and family. Know that Shera is grateful for your help and appreciative that you care about her.

Thanks to all who brought us to our goal! We continue to pursue the best health for Shera and are planning music, art and spoken word events in the near future to raise awareness of Adult ITP so the community and the health system can take those who are affected by this blood disorder seriously.. This situation should not have fallen through the cracks!

I called Shera Starr Oliveria to check in with her and see how she's doing... I found out that she hasn't had any improvement with her ITP and she still desperately wants to get home. She doesn't have any internet access or access to her own phone. She is STUCK in a very horrible situation and has given up. She has minimal health insurance and she is STILL fighting to get her disability approved.

A little about ITP; Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura is a bleeding disorder in which the immune system destroys platelets, which are necessary for normal blood clotting. Persons with the disease have too few platelets in the blood.

ITP is sometimes called immune thrombocytopenic purpura.

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is the condition of having an abnormally low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) of unknown cause (idiopathic). As most incidents of ITP appear to be related to the production of antibodies against platelets, immune thrombocytopenic purpura or immune thrombocytopenia are terms also used to describe this condition. Often ITP is asymptomatic (devoid of obvious symptoms) and can be discovered incidentally, but a very low platelet count can lead to an increased risk of bleeding and purpura.

ITP is diagnosed with a complete blood count (a common blood test). In some situations, additional investigations (such as a bone marrow biopsy) may be necessary to ensure that the platelet count is not decreased due to other reasons. Treatment may not be necessary in mild cases, but very low counts or significant bleeding might prompt treatment with steroids, intravenous immunoglobulin, anti-D immunoglobulin, or stronger immunosuppresive drugs. Refractory ITP (ITP not responsive to conventional treatment) may require splenectomy, the surgical removal of the spleen. Platelet transfusions may be used in severe bleeding together with a very low count. Sometimes the body may compensate by making abnormally large platelets.


There is hope in some of the hematology research done at USC and UCLA and we are hoping you can help Shera get back home to get some help from them!

I'm posting to ask if any of you can donate funds to help Shera get back to L.A. so that she can tap into ITP treatment at USC or UCLA??

Please give what you can through this GiveForward fundraiser.. Give a little, give what you spend on a coffee. In a rose colored world view, if all 623 of Shera's FB friends give a dollar that will add up to $623 dollars, more than enough to get her back here and into treatment... PLEASE... REALLY HELP!!!

We are asking for just the basics right now, Shera needs to get to USC or UCLA for their ITP treatment program and we need your help to get her there as soon as possible! She can drive herself back to L.A. from Sacramento, with difficulty, and in order to do that needs to get her car to the point where it is driveable and unable to get impounded. She needs to get basic maintenance and repair for her car such as; gas, oil change, car registration, insurance and 2 new front tires (she'll even get used tires to save money) to replace the bald ones, in order to get back here and into ITP treatment.

Once we get this funded, our plan is to chronicle getting her back here and get her medical needs assessed with doctors that specialize in ITP care then work to get her system back into balance and throughout we will be assessing the situation of our horrible medical system and begin another level of fundraising if Shera's disability is declined again.

If you have any questions, or suggestions or just need to contact a representative for Shera please call L. Jewell Johnson at 310.745.6526 or e-mail at

If you want to send a donation by mail, please send checks to attention: Shera Oliveria
4714 11th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043

All your generous contributions, thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated!!

Thank you all SO Much!! - L. Jewell Johnson
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