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Please help a military spouse get home so she won't have to deliver their third child alone while her husband is deployed overseas.

My husband is currently deployed and won't be home until late fall. I am pregnant with our third child and am due in June. Because I have no one who will be able to take care of my other children during my labor and postpartum care (we have no family within a 30 to 40hr drive), I’m trying to go back to my hometown to deliver this newest blessing. Unfortunately, it is over 2300 miles from here to there. If I were to drive with the kids (ages 6 and 3) and our two dogs (Yellow Lab age 15 and Shih Tzu age 13), it would take us 4 days (if I stop to sleep at night).

I went into labor early with both my other children and have already had to go into the hospital because of contractions this time around. My doctor doesn’t think I could make that drive (especially with the work required to get the lab in and out of the vehicle, not to mention the children in and out of carseats and such) without going into labor during our trip across the country. Even if I were physically capable of the drive, our current vehicle is not. Although I have desperately tried, I can't find any rental cars within a five-hour drive of here that will be big enough for us and our luggage and that can be dropped off as a one-way rental.

My sister-in-law has agreed to take off work for a couple of days to come help me fly home, but by the time I buy plane tickets for me and the kids and pay to get our dogs there, it will cost well in excess of $2500. If I could have found a rental car and was physically able, the drive would cost even more than that by the time I pay for the car itself, the one-way drop-off fee, gas, food, hotel, etc.

It is bad enough that my husband won't be able to meet his new son until he is several months old, but we have to spend money we don't have so that I will have some sort of help prior to, during, and after my labor. The stress of this entire situation is weighing greatly on our family and that isn't even taking into consideration the stress of the deployment in itself. Any financial help would be greatly appreciated and would definitely help alleviate some of the stress.
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