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Nina is a 1 year old German Shepherd whos family is raising money for her ulnar osteotomy procedure.

Our beloved one year old German Shepherd, Nina is in need of an ulnar osteotomy to repair a defect in her left front leg.

In December she presented with a fairly significant lameness in her left front, and I took her to the local vet who felt her lameness was stemming from her shoulder and ordered her Rimadyl and kennel rest for 7 to 10 days. In looking back now, she presented with a very slight lameness even before that time, that seemed intermittent, at worst and occurred, maybe twice. After the kennel rest and Rimadyl she appeared much more normal and comfortable, only taking the occasional mis-step. No lameness was seen, however as the weeks since have progressed, her left front foot has started to turn outward, now sitting at almost 90 degrees.

Nina recently visited with our regular veterinarian, who determined that Nina has a malformation in her ulnar bone and only one side is growing properly, therefore causing her foot to turn out, and putting pressure on her elbow as well. The films were sent to two separate specialists that recommended the same course of action, an ulnar osteotomy. This procedure and aftercare are estimated at $2000.00.

Her prognosis without this procedure is guarded, at best. Her veterinarian suggested that withing a few months, her comfort level would be diminished to the point that we would have to make a decision about her quality of life. Prognosis with this procedure is good to very good for a long happy life.

We are hoping to schedule this surgery for the week of February 13th. A small monetary contribution from viewers and friends will help make this all possible and save our sweet girl from an life taken away too soon.

Nina is an amazing young dog with a full life ahead of her, provided that we can obtain the funding required to give her the surgery that she so desperately needs. This is not an elective procedure, and without it, the ulnar bone will continue to grow crooked, causing her foot to rotate over, it will also destroy her elbow and possibly her shoulder. I am frantically seeking options to help our beautiful girl live.

She is a playmate, protector and best friend to my 19 month old son. Please help us pay for her medical crisis.

If you have any questions, or would like to contact our family directly, please email:

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