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The Family and Friends of Juan and Dalia Pantoja are uniting to raise money to help pay for surgery's and treatments. Thank You

Juan is a 6 year old Mills Elementary School student who loves to be around others and loves to play with his friend and love to play with his Twins brothers and his sister.
Unfortunately, Juan has been fighting all his Illness that is below since he was a baby. He has had a number of surgeries, at Doernbechers Children Hospital in Portland Oregon. Recently his family has been told that Juanito may have osteoporosis and now they will also be traveling to Shriner’s Hospital in Portland Oregon.

Juan is a miracle baby. His mother struggled through her pregnancy with him with many of complications that she had to me on steroids when she was 4 months pregnant to help little Juanito grow and to try to keep him in as long as possible.
Juan was born 6 1/2 weeks early; his mom gave birth to him on august 30th 2005. Juan weighed 5lbs 3ozs. Juan didn’t cry nor was he breathing. He was connected to all these machines right away. They then took him to nursery, after a couple of weeks we were discharged from hospital.
After being home a few days I started noticing Juan did nothing but cry he was loosing weight, he was rarely ever calm… I breast fed him and notice he was always crying and vomiting so after a few weeks of trying I started to give him formula and change to different types well nothing was helping him he was never happy.. Things got worse, and he began to drop weight like crazy I was devastated and didn't know what to do. His doctor wasn't helping me, and I felt like my son was slowly dying in my arms because of how things started to get worse. When he was six months old, we began to notice delays. He couldn't hold his head up, and wouldn't do anything except cry. He started to see early child intervention and then from there, a lot of referrals were set up for different studies at Doernbechers Children's Hospital. This is when Juanito was diagnosed with most of his things and then they started talking about tube feeding.
At this point in time, they have put a feeding tube down his nose to see if it would help. He is also on a list of medications and micro lipids to help him gain weight. Juanito has constantly been in the hospital with aspiration pneumonia. Juan now at a little over a 1year old, and now with a feeding tube in his belly.
He has a surgery scheduled for March 26th, this is for a redo of his Nissan which is a tummy ramp to keep him from vomiting and to help acid from coming up because of problems with vomiting. His Nissan has blown, and the acid is destroying his insides. During the surgery, they also have to do some other things to help with his esophagus.
My little boy has three to five seizures a week. They have had to change his meds so many times, and the doctors have told us that if the lack of oxygen goes to the other side of his brain, he will become brain dead. I'm glad my son walks and when he's feeling well, he acts like a normal kid. He is pretty delayed in school because he has missed a lot of class time. He only goes a few hours a day because of all of his medical issues, but he is slowly making progress. I can say that my son is a fighter; after every surgery he has been through, and as many as he's had, people are amazed at how strong he is.
Dalia is my daughter who is a 7 yr olds who attend Mills Elementary School who love to be in school has so many friends and everyone love to see Dalia she is miss hello kitty fan of the school.
Dalia back in December of 2009 was hospitalized for the H1N1 virus that was going around the states. Ever since then Dalia has had problems were every 3 months she has asthma like attacks that trigger and she has to go to doctor to get steroid shots and treatments.
Dalia on February of 2012 became really sick with breathing problems. She was taken to ER for treatment and they gave her 2 breathing treatments and told me she had something serious but for me not to worry and to follow up with doctors tomorrow. Well 2 hrs past and Dalia was not better I took her to doctors office they immediately put her on oxygen and said she was at 79 and they had her on 15 ml of oxygen. I asked doctor to look at her x-rays and tell me what is going on well doc unsure of what I was talking about checked and told me one of her lungs is clogged and the other clasped and said she shoud have not been released from hospital she should have been admitted. The nurse and I took her to hospital and she was there for 8 days.. Doctor told me everything looked hopeless because of how bad she was doing.
Dalia has since then still been struggling with her breathing and we have been told she has a rare lung disease and we are currently awaiting further treatment. The saddest this is that because of the economy medical insurance will not cover treatments. This will be out of pocket expenses.
As a family, this is very hard for us. Michaella’s husband Juan and four kids together. I am not able to hold down a full time job because of my son Juan’s medical condition and now because of my daughter lung problem. My husband Juan works a seasonal job and this is very hard living off one income and having out of pocket medical expenses. It’s very hard on there family having to drive almost 8 hrs away for medical appt for my son and daughter.
A couple of years ago, we were in a very bad accident on the I-5, ten minutes from the hospital. Because of my son's surgeries, we had to lease a car, but now we're struggling to keep up with our bills. Between the medical expenses for my son and daughter, plus the costs associated with traveling (lodging, gas, and food), it's very difficult to make ends meet. I'm afraid that we're going to lose our much needed car, and everything else.

I will do anything to get the proper treatment for my kids. We have set up fundraisers in their name, and at this time, are asking for monetary donations, toys for the kids, and moral support and prayers. Thank you and god bless
We hope that you will join us in helping this family through this extremely difficult time---any donation you make will help ease the burden for this family.
Please donate through one of our website, or if you prefer you can mail a check payable to
Michaella Pantoja
1554 Dayton St.
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone please call
Michaella pantoja 5418914446

THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION, YOUR SUPPORT, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOUR PRAYERS. Please share My 2 Angels in need of help story with family and friends and visit there Face book Website for updates on the family and other fundraising efforts.
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