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A family torn apart. A child taken and my wife nearly killed twice.

Last year at this same time, a man named Keith Avants nearly killed my wife in a car accident. After a year, we finally started getting on our feet. My wife got a new job, which was nearly impossible because of the $70,000+ hospital bills that was racked up due to the accident. Now the SAME man has done it again! He nearly killed her on November 15 on her way home.

One year and 12 days since the first time he nearly killed her. Destroyed our new truck that we worked so hard for to obtain. Now we have nothing. We have just learned that Keith Avants insurance policy will cover the loss of the truck but will not cover Vanessa's permanent injuries or pain and suffering therefore due to this horrible news we're pleading with anybody who has the heart to help to donate a few dollars that can go towards therapy, medical costs, medicine, etc.

She is in fear of losing her job because she has to take off of work for her injuries and we have spent everything we had in the bank because of this accident. However, now she gets up and goes to work with four ruptured discs in her back and a herniated disc in her neck to make sure she doesn't lose her job.

Last year our children, which we have four, Micaela, Makayla, Kinnidee and Caleb suffered a horrible Christmas because we couldn't afford to get them anything, and now this man has ruined our lives again. We are broke and without a decent vehicle and are afraid that our children are going to suffer again because of this tragedy. We are asking anybody that has a heart to please donate to us and help us in this very dire situation.

We still have not seen a dime from the last time he nearly killed her and we know it will be a very, very long time before we see a dime from this accident as well. Meanwhile, we have had to spend all of our grocery money, bill money, daycare money, etc on this irresponsible guys actions.

I am begging, please help! We have no where to turn to for help. If you need proof of this, I would be more than happy to provide it.

On top of all of that, we are in the middle of a custody battle for my daughter Micaela, trying to get her away from her drug-addicted mother and abusive boyfriend. Now our main source of transportation has been totaled and all of our funds have been spent on this accident. We have to drive four hours to Muskogee, Oklahoma the 27th of November for court and we barely have the gas money to get there, and nothing for a lawyer.

Now today, the 27th, after going to court, I have been charged with contempt for not taking my daughter back to her drug-addicted mother. The judge wouldn't even look at any of the evidence I had with me or listen to anything I had to say. He forced me to return my child to the mother. When I took Micaela, my daughter, back to her mothers, I took her up to the door of her mothers apartment and I looked down and found a small baggy containing small amounts of methamphetamine inside of it which I promptly disposed of. 

We are PLEADING FOR HELP. Nobody will help me save my child and we are going through this horrible tragedy at the same time. What do I do? I've been working with CPS in Texas but they have no jurisdiction in Oklahoma and can't do anything. I can't afford an attorney to take her to court to try to obtain full custody. I'm at my wits end. Please, please help us!

We try to be very good people and do what is right and it seems like every time we feel like we're climbing the ladder of life and getting closer to the top, we get knocked off and have to start over at the bottom. I'm not one to ask anybody for money but now I don't have a choice. We need some assistance at this moment.  

Thank you very much, and God bless you all

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