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This is the Hope4Robert Fund. The funds will be used for Robert's medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

My fiance's name is Robert.We live in Alabama.He's 49. At age 16, Robert was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (Bone-Cancer) of the chest wall.Dr. Adler at Buffalo General in NY, removed all but 2 of his ribs (Left side).And replaced his ribcage w/ a plastic Mylar mesh.His chest was was repaired..but disfigured. Dr.Adler advised his family to move down south,because of the climate(to avoid pnuemona and other complications). So his family relocated to Atlanta Ga. There Robert had 4 more surgeries by Dr, Mansour (now retired) to make his chest as normal as possible.By the grace of God,very skillful Doctors, and a loving family...he has been in remission over 35 yrs, And he has used everyone of those years to try to be as normal as anyone else.On Feb 25th 2006 he was involved in a head on collision which caused the airbag in his car to deploy at 200 mph and it caused major damage to the plate in his chest. He was taken to Emory in Atlanta Ga...hoping they could do surgery to repair the damage. They thought doing surgery would do more damage then he was given a Cryo Block in his left chest wall (nerve block) and told there was nothing more the Dr.s could do to treat this kind of injury and sent him home.After a month or so he returned to work.(He has been a electrian for 30yrs) Even tho he was still in pain he continued to work for 5 more years.In Oct 2011 he was at home and moved the wrong way and heard a loud pop in his chest.The plate broke free from his sternum....He could no longer do his job he was laid off. Now he has a hard time sleeping,walking ,yawning and breathing without the plate popping back and forth over his sternum which is extremely painful to the point it causes him to become dizzy and he has nearly passed out from the pain....The plate is now just free floating around in his chest. His primary care doctor did a mri and catscan in late Nov and mid Dec.The results show a tear in his chest wall and sternum fracture( this is where the plastic mesh was attached). His primary doctor and I have had a hard time finding a local surgeon...who will see or even talk to him...because of the extensive surgery he had as teenager.He has Cobra Insurance that we used ours savings to pay up for 18 mths.I have tried daily since Oct to find a dr anywhere that will help him. He is becoming depressed and worries daily about paying bills etc...(Even as hurt as he is....he's still searching for any kind of work he may be able to do. He has also applied for Disability....but it may take up to a year for him to be approved) I have searched from the east coast to the west coast, and its taken several hundred phone calls.....But by pure luck I found a surgeon who is willing help him. Dr.Archibald Miller in Tulsa Oklahoma.He is a plastic surgeon who does these kind of surgeries for Open Heart Surgery and Osteosarcoma patients on a regular basis.....He has even created the Talon which is now used to repair broken sternums . Now I really need help. We will need to fly (roundtrip twice from Phenix City Ala to Tulsa OK.) He is being scheduled for surgery as I type this. If anyone knows of a oraganzation that helps with traveling cost..(,hotel,food and airfare because he won't be able to handle several long drives to and from Tulsa)Please contact me asap. (This will be a major surgery so I will be traveling with him so I can be taught how to care for him post surgery) We are trying to raise atleast $10,000 to cover co-pays, flights and lodging (if needed) and a hospital bed for him here at home (He will have to sleep up right for the first 6 mths post surgery) Anything you can donate will be a blessing to our family...I'm not sure of all the details yet (will update as I get info) But I know we have about 14 mths before his insurance runs getting him there asap is very important) And any money that is raised that does not get used for his care....we will donate to Wish Upon A Hero Foundation,So another family who's needing help can be blessed with one less worry.Anyone who knows anything that will help....I'll gladly listen.... We are also excepting donations of yardsale that we can have a yardsale May 19th. Prayers are always a blessing so please pray for our family.Contact me @ P.S I can provide documentation of everything I've said here from pics to letters from his doctors.....Please show your support and help me save my best friend!!!

UPDATE: We have Good News.....Dr. Miller has his office is in the process of getting together a team of Doctors for Roberts Surgery. We also now know that Roberts condition is more involved then we once thought. Yes the plate in his chest is broken.....but it is also free floating and all of his ribs on both sides are damaged..Also his Sternum is broken in 1/2. This surgery will take about 8 to 12 hours. Basically they will be recontructing his whole chest wall.He will be in the hospital a week to 10 days and then have to remain in Tulsa for at least a month. We are excited that we now know whats wrong with him and why he hurts so bad. But also worried about raising the money needed for the flight to and from Tulsa for the first visit for blood work, blood donation (for the surgery if needed) and getting arrangments made for our stay after surgery....The Dr .said yesterday that it will take about 2 months for them to get the surgery scheduled. So that doesn't leave us much time to raise money. We are working on a fundraiser with a local radio station....and we need donations of yardsale items for a yardsale I'm planning for May 19th We will also be having a raffle with some nice prizes donated by local companies!! .Please help us spread the word....and if you can't donate....Please pray for Robert....and send him a encouraging message. He has been thru alot....and he needs to know there are people who care and are rooting for him. It will help him remain strong....and with the surgery he's facing....he needs.....encouragement from family/friends and even complete strangers. Thanks and God Bless!!!
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