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Aida is facing a lengthy hospital stay and surgery after being struck by a car. We love her, please help!

Our beloved puppy Aida got out of the yard when the contractor left the gates open. She was broadsided by a car in front of the house and thrown to the sidewalk.

We weren't home at the time, so the contractor tried to take her to an Emergency Vet, but that vet wouldn't see her unless we were present. They sent him away as Stacy and I were racing home. We met in the middle, on the way to another ER vet (VCA Lakewood).

Stacy picked her up and took her to the emergency clinic; by that time she wasn't moving or breathing well. Aida was hypotensive and in shock. The ER vet put her on IV drips and blood volume expanders and a warming blanket. After x-rays and blood work and many worried hours, the prognosis was grim. She has all the symptoms of being broadsided - left lung collapsed and fluid filled, liver enlarged and bruised, fractured pelvis/hip, and a broken front leg. Her femur head went through the pelvis like a hammer, and lodged fragments of bone into the intestinal cavity. This is very dangerous because the intestines can sustain lacerations with the passage of stool which can lead to even more serious problems.

This is why she needs surgery for her fractured pelvis, but her collapsed lung is preventing them from sedating her and getting better x-rays.

Because of the precarious nature of her injuries she needs to remain hospitalized until the surgery.

She is on oxygen, pain meds, and IV fluids. The estimate for her vet bill is $8500 including the pelvic/hip surgery, barring any unforeseen complications.

This dog means the world to us and not helping her because of a dollar amount is too heartbreaking for us. With hip reconstruction and a long physical recovery the doctors think she will be mobile and active again.

Aida is a two - year - old German Shepherd with lots of energy and love. She is a very important member of our family. Not only does she help us feel safe, but she is a sweet and dopey puppy who loves to chase butterflies. She likes to go to the playground and run up the equipment and slide down the slides. She has always been there for us, and we need to be there for her now!

If you can, please help!
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