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Help Jose battle cancer for the second time. Please help Jose and his family alleviate financial donating or sharing this link.

Jose was diagnosed with cancer last year around September. In October, he had underwent a major oral surgery. He had over half of his lower left jaw removed and reconstructed with his right tibia. The surgery was over eight hours long. After spending about three days in intensive care and about two weeks in the hospital, he was finally sent home with a breathing and feeding tube.

While having to go through radiation five days a week for seven weeks he also had chemotherapy every three weeks. Jose also made a few trips to the emergency room due to an infection that took over his leg and because he one day woke up coughing out blood through his breathing tube.

His leg finally healed, he completed both radiation and chemo, his breathing tube was removed, and an appointment was being made to operate on his mouth when he found out the cancer had returned. The whole procedure has to be repeated; however, this time the cancer possible spread and he possibly will not be able to talk again after the second procedure.

Being that Jose was the only financial provider for his family, the family has suffered great financial stress. Previous to the surgery, the family had filed for bankruptcy and now are at risk for losing their home if there is any inconsistency with the mortgage. Living off of the last bit of life's savings, the family is in need of financial help for every day expenses and to keep a roof over their heads.

Any donations and prayers will be greatly appreciated.

*UPDATE* 4/6/12
My father's surgery went well. He was moved from ICU to a room yesturday. After 4 days of trying to reach the surgical doctor we finally got our questions answered. My father had most of his tongue removed and a small upper portion of the larynx, but not the vocal cords. The tumor from his left cheek was removed and muscle from his chest was used to reconstruct the cheek. They used his left tibia to reconstruct his mandible (lower jaw). He is in a lot of pain which is expected after a 12 hour surgery. We are still waiting for the pathology report to see if they did get the cancer all out. My mother is a total wreck, especially since it took us 4 days to get answers. We had to go to administration to track down the doctor to get answers since no one came to talk to use after the surgery. He realizes that he would not be able to work again after this, but still has been denied disability. After his first surgery his right leg took about 6 months to heal from the outside. He limps when he walks and can't stand for to long, nor drive long distances. We are fighting really hard to get him more financial help. My father has worked most of his life in the U.S. has paid his taxes and has never asked for government help, but yet they deny him financial help, with less than $500 in the bank, they still will not help him.
We know that times are rough for all...anything will help at this point...if anything please, please, please share this link...Thank you for reading.

update *5/15/12
My father has been home from the hospital for about 3.5 weeks now. His leg is healing perfectly and he has started walking on his own! However, he has not been sleeping so well even on sleeping pills. A recent biopsy revealed that he now has skin cancer. They do not want to start chemo yet due to open wound from a surgery he had to remove staph infection while in the hospital. My father is still staying strong and fighting.
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