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The family and friends of Tigger are uniting to raise money to help Tig. Every cent raised will be used to go toward his medical costs!!!

My boyfriend and I have 2 brother cats that just turned 1 year old this past weekend. We adopted our babies from the Monadnock Humane Society just a month ago. Our boys are definitely inseperable and they mean the world to us. While my boyfriend and I were both out of the house yesterday, something happend to one of our boys (Tigger) that remains unexplained. When my boyfriend got home, only Tig's brother greeted him at the door. He then found Tig lying on the floor in our family room, unable to move. He tried to get him up by shaking his favorite toy, but he didn't move. My boyfriend lyed on the floor with Tig until I got home about 30 minutes later. As soon as I got home I called our vet and was told to bring him in immediately. The three of us rushed to the vet and when we got there they brought him in to x-ray right away. The x-rays showed that Tig has what is called "Atlantoaxial Subluxation." The vet explained to us Tig has a dislocation between his first and second vertebrae, which is putting pressure on his spine and causing him to not be able to move. We were then told that Tig will need surgery to fix the dislocation, which will cost at least $4500.00. My boyfriend and I knew right away that there was no way we could afford the cost of the surgery. We asked the vet how this dislocation could have happend and were told that it was probably something so simple as him and his brother playing too rough together. We have him at the vet now being monitored, but since we aren't able to afford the surgery, the vet can only do so much to help us. He has been given IV fluids to help him stay hydrated since he is unable to eat and drink on his own, and we are having a neck brace ordered to hopefully keep his neck stabilized. He has also been given a pain patch in hopes to alleviate the pain on his spine. At this point, we don't have options other than the surgery to save Tigger's life. We are in desperate need of help to cover his financial costs and we just don't know what to do... we will NOT give up on our boy.

Any help at all for Tig would be so greatly appreciated.. we feel so helpless and can't bear to see him suffer..
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