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Family and Friends of Ken Honeycutt are rallying around him to help cover his medical/living expenses! Please help if you are able!

On November 7, 2011, Robert Kenneth (“Ken”) Honeycutt, Jr.’s life was forever changed, as were the lives of his family and friends. On that day, Ken was involved in a terrible hunting accident – he was shot with a high powered rifle by his own hunting partner. Ken is still navigating the aftermath of this unimaginable set of circumstances. On the afternoon of November 7th, Ken joined a friend – a retired MS Highway Patrol Officer and employee of the City of Starkville, MS - on a muzzle-loading hunting trip in Choctaw County, MS. Upon arrival at the hunting location, Ken took his muzzle-loader and went into the woods to wait for a deer. Ken shot a doe fairly quickly and, just before dark, began dragging the doe out of the woods. Just before Ken (still dragging the doe) entered a clearing he heard a high-powered rifle shot, followed by another. The second shot hit him directly in the hip, shattering the joint and causing major trauma. As soon as Ken’s friend realized what happened – that he had, in fact, shot Ken – he ran up to Ken, tied a makeshift tourniquet in an effort to slow the bleeding and took Ken to meet the ambulance that had been called, which transported him to Oktibbeha County Hospital (OCH). Upon Ken’s arrival at Oktibbeha County Hospital (OCH) the medical staff began life saving efforts. Ken was given 17 pints of blood, but the bleeding could not be stopped. So extensive were Ken’s injuries that the staff at Oktibbeha County Hospital realized they could do little to help Ken. They had him airlifted to the trauma center at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) in Jackson, Mississippi. When Ken’s family arrived shortly thereafter, the doctors gave Ken just a 5% chance of survival. They were told that if they were successful at stopping the bleeding, and if Ken lived through the night, he might have a chance to live. Immediately the family contacted friends and relatives to start prayer chains. It is through the vigilant prayer and God’s grace and mercy that Ken lives today. Ken remained in the hospital from November 7, 2011 until late March 2012, when he was released from the rehabilitation center to home health care with a temporary colostomy in place due to his mobility issues. Since that time, he has been mostly immobile and bedridden. He has been carried back and forth to the hospital in Jackson due to ongoing abdominal infections, operations, as well as for doctor checkups/consultations. At last count, Ken has been through 21 surgeries, cavity flushes and repairs. He has to begin physical therapy all over again after each surgery, as his body and physical strength diminishes with each passing day. At the beginning of this terrible journey, Ken was larger than life at 6’4” and weighing in at approximately 210 lbs. He turned 39 in the hospital in November 2011, and by the time of his release, he had lost so much weight and muscle mass that one would hardly recognize him as the Ken Honeycutt they knew and loved. Ken continues to try to rebuild his strength so that one day he may be able to walk again. He is unable to drive, as his hip was completely shattered, and extensive nerve damage does not allow him any control over his right leg, and what is left of his leg bone is “fused” to what is left of the hip bone. At this time he is not a candidate for a hip replacement and may never be. We simply do not know the full extent of his damage. We are convinced that Ken is alive today because God has something in store for him. A lesser man could not have made it this far. His entire life has been turned upside down by one thoughtless act, but we are praying for a complete recovery and hope that Ken will one day walk again and be able to play with his son. It is with the aforementioned in mind, that we ask for any help/assistance available, and would welcome any suggestions/aid that anyone has to offer him. These are hard times for everyone, and if you are not able to donate monetarily, we completely understand and ask that you please consider adding our beloved son, grandson, brother and friend to your prayer lists. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may the Lord bless and keep you!
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