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Please show your love and support for "Johnny's Angel Fund" Help Johnny keep his house,live,do rehab and get his girls back.

Johnny is 36 years old, he had a bad DRUG habit for years, off and on. Finally re-hab for a year stopped him. He has been clean for 3 years 1 month and 24 days. Thank you God! Johnny remarried and was trying to get his girls back (DFAS took them May 28,2008 and I have had them since).He fell off a ladder and hurt his arm and had to have surgery and then another surgery to see if the inside muscle in his arm healed,in the interim he got an abcessed tooth (he has 8 back teeth rotted down to the gum) got antibiotics and got it cleared up but not cut out, no ins, no money! But when his immune system hit a certain point, 3 different bacteries in his mouth shut down his body and went to his brain and his heart. On Sept 26th 2011, he was on life support and 24 hour Dialaysis, not expected to live. Nancy, his wife found him when she got up that morning totally unresponsive and called 911. Johnny was in the hospital from Sept 26 -Dec2nd, he got a bedsore that ate his rearend down to where you could literally see his tailbone! His last surgery was to put in a Colostomy Bag so they could graft skin and close the wound, he will have that one in 2 weeks or so. Then he has to have at least 2 toes amputated,the teeth cut out,his tendons cut on the back of his feet where they are curled up to loosen the muscles to SEE if he he is going to be able to walk. Johnny is still bedridden still having surguries and no income except Food Stamps and friends and family. That has about stopped, people say they just don't have it. I really give them every thing I can but its not enough he needs help.No-one hardly ever even calls him anymore he is just forgotten and it hurts me so bad. Won't you please help him get better and keep his house and get his girls back they are so afraid for their Daddy. I've never done this before and it probably isn't "correct" but it is true and the need is great.The APPRECIATION even greater.
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