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Please help Ethan get a very special SERVICE DOG. It will change this little boy's life.

Thank you for visiting Ethan's fundraiser! This is to help get a seriously special service dog for a seriously amazing little boy. LOOK AT THIS SWEET BOY. Ethan William McClellan was born October 12th 2001. During his birth he experienced severe trauma which resulted in a brain injury. The injury included swelling and bleeding, he was near death. He was a miracle baby, overcoming everything the doctors told us like he would never walk, talk, eat by himself or be able to see. Well they were wrong, thank God. Ethan has developmental disabilities, his speech, vision, cognitive and motor skills are affected. Then at 10 yrs old, he developed epilepsy. Suddenly his brain is creating activity causing siezures and we don't know why. Its terrifying. He has experienced siezures in the tub, he has fallen and bashed his head, he has been hospitilized more than once for this. Still THIS KID NEVER GIVES UP. Ethan has a smile that could create a light brighter than the sun. He is so funny, we call him the comedian of the family. He LOVES Lego and can build his own amazing make believe worlds like a pro. He loves animals and trains. He is a great runner and has competed in the Special Olymics 3 times. THIS KID IS AMAZING. What Ethan now requires immediately is a service dog that is specifically and specially trained to be Ethan's dog. His speech and physical behavior is SO UNIQUE the dog must be trained from day one with Ethan. The dog will be trained to detect and alert specifically for Ethan's types of siezures. The dog will be trained to assist Ethan in his daily living and tasks.This has to be a WONDER DOG. We have tried to do an agency. Honestly, we cannot raise the amount of money required for the agency, usually around 15,000 or more, and the waiting lists are years and years long. There are other issues, such as medicaid and disability, that could be jeopardized if we go that route, it's complicated.So we are doing the old fashioned way and taking control to get our son the ASSISTANCE HE NEEDS NOW. This fundraiser will help with the dog and the highly specialized training, as well as equipment during the process. WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. With your help today we can achieve this goal for a kid who deserves this more than anyone could understand. THIS KID IS LIKE A BIRTHDAY CAKE. He is so sweet and joyful. And if we could afford to do it alone we would, but with 6 kiddos and being low income we just cant do it alone. HE NEEDS YOUR HELP TODAY. Won't you please pledge right now, and share this sweet courageous boy's story with everyone you know, THANK YOU FROM THE MCCLELLAN FAMILY!!

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