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The family of Amici (the big brown eyed dog) is trying to raise money so Amici can have a much needed surgery on Both of his knees.

Amici Is a 1 year 4 month old Golden Retriever/Shar-Pei Mix. He is the sweetest big brown eyed boy that you have ever seen. He needs help. My older brother decided to adopt Amici, not knowing of the health conditions that he had. About a month after they adopted him they found out that his wife and daughter were allergic. I did not want to see Amici go back to the shelter. He is one of those dogs that just absolutely loves to me with people and needs attention and love. After I took Amici I saved up to take him to the vet. After the examination and X-rays we found out that he has a condition called Medial Luxating Patella in both of his knees.
There are 4 Grades of Medial Luxating Patella.
Grade 1: The knee cap can be moved out of placed manually, but will fall back into its natural position once the manipulator lets go.

Grade 2: Same thing except that the knee cap does not move back to its normal position when the manipulator lets go. These dogs are likely to progress to arthritis development and should be considered for surgery to prevent conformational damage.

Grade 3: The patella is out of place all the time but can be manipulated back into its normal position manually (though it will not stay there). These dogs are HIGHLY recommended for surgery.

Grade 4: The patella is not only out of place all the time but cannot even be manipulated back into place by hand. Such dog has extreme difficulty extending his knees and walk with his knees bent virtually all the time.

Dogs with Grade 3 and 4 disease definitely should have surgery.

Amici is Grade 3. He needs this surgery as soon as possible. He is already starting to show signs of early arthritis.
If he could have this surgery the vet assured me that he would be able to have a long healthy and quality life.
Please if you can help I would greatly appreciate it,
My dogs are like my kids. I am currently unemployed and have been diligently looking for a job. I would love to be able to pay for this on my own, but I just cant. I love Amici and so does his brother Jake ( my other dog).

Thank you for your time

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