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Fighting against melanoma cancer in the brain. A rare disease that has devastated my family from one single "headache"

Bob come home with a headache one day, we go to the hospital and said there was a mass in his brain. It felt like someone pulled the plug from the tub, and we've been fighting to stay above water, ever since. Just waiting and praying someone would put the plug back Till we at least catch our breath and digest what we were just told. So 2weeks after the tumor was found he was a scheduled for a craniotomy. On sept 14th they went in and removed the tumor. He went back to work and life within weeks. Almost a month after the pathology report finally came in, and confirmed it was cancer, melanoma, very rare in brain, it felt like all the blood in my body ran out of me on to the floor and my heart sank to my feet. I can still remember the neurosurgeons words. "Unless this is a zebra running with a pack of horses, and something we've never seen." Were gonna go in and get this thing. Day of surgery the dr comes out and says.."We've ever seen anything like it." Once it was established it was cancer he was treated w/ Cyber knife for whatever was left and started a pill to go treat the lymph node. Being this was the only two places that were affected. They still don't know where the entry point was or is. But we managed to get thru the first couple of months. April 1st we were told he was clean, that all the scans look great. But by the end of April. Bob, had lost his short term memory and couldn't hold a conversation. I was in shock, afraid and trying to come to terms with the fact I was going to be saying good buy to him in June for my birthday. The last resort was to go back in and remove what they could to help prolong his life. I was told this was all that was left. not to expect much. and informed friends and family. How many people do you know . have 1 surgery, much less 2 brain surgeries.He had the 2nd on May 23rd and was suppose to start a chemo type treatment July 2nd. We go get our education for the treatment. And see the oncologist before we leave. She came in and said, I dont want to start chemo, as of now. There is no measurable disease to treat! So we can hold off on chemo till we need it. They do say melanoma cancer is the most deadly and fastest growing cancer and will more then likely comeback So we will just sit tight and Try to take a breath for a minute and take advantage of the blessings we've been given. Iam excited to tell you, he is doing amazing today! But the financial burden.. is devastating in itself

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