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Please help offset/assist with medical expenses to alleviate the financial burden to help Hunter aka "dimps".

In December of 2000 our son, Hunter Logan Simmons was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy. In the twelve years of his life Hunter has been put under anesthesia for his eyes at least 30 different times.

At a recent orthopedic doctor's appointment we knew something was wrong when their was a room full of doctors and therapists waiting to speak with us. Due to Hunter's immobility and weak muscles his hips are subluxed which mean they are coming out of their socket.

Not addressing this issue can lead to actual hip dislocation, severe pain, arthritis, and foot and ankle deformities. He will have to have hip surgery in which they cut his femur bones and reposition them with plates and screws. In addition they will be lengthening his muscles. Post op he will be put in a cast which will keep his legs positioned out straight for at least 3 weeks.

Once the cast is removed he will be wearing a brace at night to maintain that same position. A part of his therapy to address his hips and muscles is to get Botox which helps to relax his muscles.

Hunter will also have to undergo another surgery for a vagal nerve stimulator (VNS) to address his epilepsy. Hunter has had gran mal seizures that have resulted in two life flights to St. Louis Children's Hospital.

One morning we found him blue and breathing very labored. We called the ambulance and had to give him rescue breaths until the ambulance could get here. Once he made it to the hospital he continued to have seizures and the decision was made to life flight him to St. Louis Children's Hospital.

The VNS therapy is an adjunct therapy for seizures that will hopefully reduce the frequency of his seizures. The device they will implant is similar to a pace maker and will send electrical impulses to his brain which prevent electrical irregularities that cause seizures.

OH how could I forgot the surgery he has coming up for having his adenoids removed the same day he gets his new ear tubes. So as you can see, Hunter has multiple medical procedures coming up, and he was just fitted for a new wheelchair and two different types of leg braces.

The costs not covered by insurance are overwhelming at times. In the past as his parents we have worked both a full time job and a part time job just to make ends meet and pay for all of his medical needs. We do what is necessary to ensure our son has what is needed to give him the best health and care.

Please keep us in your prayers! If you have any questions, or suggestions or just need to contact a representative for the family please call Jennifer Simmons (Hunter's Mom) at 573-528-3168 or email at

If you wish to mail a donation please email the family and they will provide you with the details to do so. All your generous contributions, thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated!! Thank you all SO Much!! - Jennifer, Casey, Cole, and Hunter Simmons.
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