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The family and friends of Cathy Smith are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against breast cancer. Please show your support!

Many of you have followed Cathy's caringbridge site ( and have witnessed Cathy's unending and courageous fight with breast cancer. What you may not realize is that Cathy exhausted her short term disability and sick time. She eventually resorted to long-term disability at 40% of her salary. While we know Cathy is fortunate to have a job at all, we decided to have a fundraiser to raise money and help with medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

Here's what we are doing: On August 6, 2011, some of Cathy's friends and family are running the Urban Wildland Race (either 3.1 or 13.1 miles) in support of her. Jim Reimann's company, Physician Advocates, is matching and donating entry fees to Cathy's fund. You can help too by supporting us either by donating money per mile or by donating a lump sum directly to her cause. As an added bonus, anyone donating $20 or more will receive a beautiful necklace made by Cathy herself!

Here's Cathy's story: In May of 2010 Cathy found a lump. She went in to have the lump checked out and after a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy she was quickly diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC), stage 3, level 3 breast cancer.

On June 16, 2010 she had a mastectomy of her right breast. At that time they also removed 15 lymph nodes but only the sentinel node was cancerous. They also put a port on her left side for chemotherapy and an expander for future reconstructive surgery.

On July 16, 2010 Cathy started her chemotherapy regimen. The chemotherapy is generally referred to as "A" and "C". "A" stands for Adriamycin while "C" stands for Cyclophosphamide. The whole grueling process took about 3 hours and she had them every other Friday.

After finishing her chemotherapy, she began radiation in November 2010. Although she was exhausted from the treatments, her sick time and short term disability were quickly running out and she needed to return to work to keep money coming in for expenses.

In April, 2011 she had reconstruction surgery. It was a five hour surgery. They cut her stomach from hip to hip and then cut one of her stomach muscles and threaded it up her chest. This was the foundation for her new breast and they used her stomach fat for the filler. Following her reconstruction surgery, Cathy has a series of infections and hospital stays.

Anything you are able to contribute at this time will be greatly appreciated! Many of you have supported Cathy both emotionally and spiritually - if this is what your finances allow at this time, please know it is enough and that she greatly appreciates your support!!!

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