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Please, help me fund my new hip and fix my herniated disc.

I have a genetic deformity known as hip dysplasia. You may have heard of it in reference to some breeds of dogs. I had a border collie who had it. It basically means my hip sockets are too shallow to hold my legs in place correctly. It’s painful when they’re out of place!

A few years ago, I was walking with my husband and my right leg gave out. I thought I had tripped and kept walking, but my leg kept giving out and it hurt. Once we got back to the house, I rested the remainder of the week and I felt better. Months later, my leg began to give out again.

I finally saw a physical therapist who prescribed exercises, but they could not stop my limping. She was confused. I stopped going due to expense and lack of change in my pain and limp.

I had looked for a job for over a year and though I was qualified for more, I finally got on part-time at an ice cream shop. The job was very physically demanding and during all the lifting, bending and twisting, I herniated a disc in my back.

I began to see my chiropractor as much as three times per week for relief, but it never lasted long. Then, I found a place that specialized in spinal decompression and cold laser therapy. The decompression, especially, gave my back relief. Unfortunately, these therapies are not covered by insurance, at all. I’ve had to go to two sessions and may need more. This, alone, has cost over $7,000. We are making monthly payments, but it is difficult because I am not able to work much.

The pain got to be unbearable, so I saw a few different orthopedic surgeons (for second, third opinions). When the first one told me my solution was to have a hip replacement (not recommended at my young age, for they wear out within 10-20 yrs) or a PAO (periacetabular osteotomy, they would cut up my pelvis into puzzle pieces and screw them back into a good alignment!), I was shocked. I cried.

I tried to “fix” myself with exercise, though it was painful to do much of anything. I realized that wouldn’t work and found one of the best surgeons in the country who knows about H.D.

I am finished with the pre-surgery testing and about to get the results (can they help my back at the same time they fix my right hip?) and schedule the surgery. Our insurance deductible is $5,000 with an out-of-pocket max of $10,000. (At least, the rest will be covered!) But, with me unable to work a normal job (I do temp work when it’s available), we are only just covering the bills, right now.

I would be so appreciative of any amount offered in aid to our financial recovery! Once I’m able to work again, I hope to be able to give forward, too.

Thank you,
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