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Family and friends of Anne unite to raise money and help her heart surgery in Munich.

Anna (9 years) was born with cyanotic, complex heart defect: left ventricular double estuary, a large defect between the chamber, valvular pulmonary stenosis, pulmonary ring hypoplasia, patent ductus botalla and Di George syndrome (malformation syndrome: decreased immunity, decreased muscle tone , delayed psychomotor development, facial dysmorphia skull). In the age of 15 months Anna passed the first open-heart surgery, during which it was sutured homograft (human vessel crafted). Four years later, in 2008, she was reoperated at a clinic in Munich, where calcified homograft was replaced with contegrę (crafted dish with the neck calls). Thanks to Anna again able to enjoy health. Unfortunately, at present there has been a narrowing of contegry, causing enlargement of the right atrium, poor left ventricular function and significant reduction in exercise capacity Anna. Replacing the vessel is a difficult operation and is associated with high risk, because parents are struggling to another operation carried out the same great heart surgeon, prof. Edward Malec. Unfortunately, the cost of surgery and hospital treatment in a clinic in Munich is 127 000 USD. The term of operation is dependent on meeting the required amount. This is a huge amount of money, but we believe that with your help can achieve. So we turn to you asking for financial support. We turn to you for help. We believe that through it we can provide our daughter a quick recovery. Even the smallest payment of money will increase the chances of life Anna. Let us not be indifferent to the fate of Anna. All contributions are welcome. Thank you for your contributions and God bless. NOTE: at the request of the donor can send the medical records of Anna via e-mail. If you wish to contact Anna and his family please email us at HELP.ANIAFRAGILE@GMAIL.COM

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

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