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1st Chemo Update

Posted by Dad & Valerie LaBaff-Padd on August 6th, 2013

Reading Bad Monkey while getting the drip.

Hi all,

Thought I'd fill you in on where I'm at
and how I'm feeling. Everyone has been
so concerned. I feel special!!!

Last Friday I went to Moffitt in Tampa for a second opinion
and Dr. Bellows agreed with Dr. Storey's  regimen of attacking
my lymphoma with an aggressive dose. So I'm off to the races!

The next day I was in the hospital overnight for
my first treatment. I had a minor reaction to the
first powerhouse drug called Rituxan. It's a combination
of mice cells and human cells. I asked if I would start
craving cheese or maybe feel the urge to run on a wheel.

My body finally excepted the whole bag and then the other
4 doses were a breeze. All in it took about 10 hours.

I don't feel any different yet. It'll take some time. The post
chemo drugs I take on a daily basis are shots and pills.
I feel like I could blow a cloud of black smoke at any given

My appetite is really good. So I'll be picking up some stir
fry for the family on my way home tonight. They deserve it
for putting up with me!

Thanks for your prayers!



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