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Let's rally around Carson, who needs our support through his journey with SPD, ARFID & GAD.

Carson Bartos is one of the sweetest, most loving little boys you will ever meet. His smile, laugh and personality can light up any room. Sadly, Carson was diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) with a Food Aversion when he was just an infant. Now at the age of 7, he has also been diagnosed with ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) as well as GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). He has been through numerous testings and has been working with Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, as well as his Primary Doctor, CTED (Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders) Doctors, Social Workers & Gastroenterologists. For years Carson has been a part of outpatient programs and has tried numerous medications to help increase his appetite and decrease his anxiety around food. Unfortunately, Carson has continued to maintain an unstable weight, labeling him medically as 'Failure To Thrive'. On Thursday, October 16th, doctors agreed it was time to admit Carson. He was admitted into the Children's Hospital of Minnesota-Minneapolis- Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders: Inpatient Unit. This will be a big change for Carson and his family. He has two younger brothers,  Alex (4) & Evan (1), who are especially anxious for him to come home, however the length of stay in the hospital is unknown. With Mom and Dad using up vacation time & taking unpaid personal leaves to care for Carson, additional family members have had to step in to help care for his brothers. Financial strain is now adding extra stress unto the family. Carson's duration in the hospital is not expected to be short lived, and the monitoring and outpatient programs, once released, will continue for years to come. Never has help been more needed. Your greeting cards, emails, phone calls and financial donations are beyond appreciated. Please continue to keep Carson and family in your prayers. Together we can help get through this difficult journey.

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