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Please help us raise much needed funds to help Abby & Bella recover and have a second chance at happiness!

These girls were found laying on the side of the road near my home in South Carolina after having been thrown from a truck. They were emaciated, covered in ticks from head to toe, and suffering from severe heat exhaustion. After 45 minutes of working to gain their trust with water and tidbits of food, they allowed me to pick them up and put them in my car. This was no small feat for a pregnant woman on the side of a busy country road at dusk! They were understandably terrified of being in another moving vehicle, but eventually calmed down and slept the rest of the way home. It was pure luck and a few wrong turns that allowed me to come across these sweet girls, and it wasn't a moment to soon: The following day, July 13, brought record temperatures to our area and heat warning of 120 degrees.

Since arriving at our home, they are slowly working on recovering. They are both girls, most likely not spayed yet, and probably less than a year old. We are guessing that they are hound mixes of some type, and we've named them Abby (brown & white) and Bella (black). We are not sure if they are siblings, though it's a fair guess. Abby is very protective of Bella and seems like an "old soul" sort of dog who looks at you with big brown eyes that melt your heart. Bella is just as sweet and gentle, and loves to play with anything you give her. Both are so curious about the world around them, quietly and methodically investigating their new environment. They get along well with our dogs and cats, and seem to take everything in stride. Each of them allowed me to sit with them for 30 minutes removing more than 20 ticks, a process that's uncomfortable for them (and me - yuck!). They just laid down, let me work, and looked at me as if to say "thank you". I can honestly say that in all of the years I've been rescuing and fostering dogs, these 2 are extremely special. Because they are so closely bonded (they sleep with their limbs intertwined!) and have been through so much, we would like to find a home for them together if possible.

Before their happy ending can happen, they both need a considerable amount of veterinary treatment including the following: heartworm testing and preventative, spay surgery, first round of shots, full spectrum worming, and a special diet to address their malnutrition. I'm sure I've forgotten some of the smaller things, and I'm hoping against hope that they don't have any more serious health problems waiting to be uncovered. I am fully expecting that their expenses will go over our fundraising goal, but we are hoping to at least put a dent in the cost. For those who donate, we will provide you with an itemized receipt from the veterinarian so that you can see exactly what your dollars did for these girls. Via my pet sitting website blog, I plan to send out regular updates on their condition and adoption status as well, so that everyone who contributes can follow their story.

The fact that these girls have survived is an amazing testament to their spirits. Despite what they've experienced of human nature, they have so much unconditional love and happiness to give. Please help me give them a second chance.

For those who would like to follow their story, please use the link to the left to visit my blog!
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