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If Binx is unable to have the surgery, all donations will go to the Detroit Dog Rescue for all their support and effort. Thank you so much!

As of yesterday I had to assume the worst for the #1 love of my life, my dog Binx. For you that don’t know Binx- my mom and sisters gave him a wonderful home after being rescued from a pit-ring in Detroit. He was only 10 weeks old and weighed about 10lbs, they had planned to use him as bait and feed him to his own sisters. Binx had a minimal chance for survival and they wanted to put him down. Binx was to strong willed and extremely food motivated!!! He gained 40 pounds within a few months and continued his fight for survival- we were allowed to keep him if we promised to get him fixed. Binx has been one of the most wonderful blessings in my life; I’ve never been so close and relied on anything so much in my whole life. I have always talked and treated Binx as my best friend- he calls me “MOM” or “MAMMA” and sometimes talks back to me as if he is a human. Binx is not your ordinary dog- he is very intelligent, loving, and playful. He is ten years old now and as of last week, still has the energy of a puppy.
Over the last year we had noticed that he slowed down a little bit, but his appetite and energy had remained the same. Binx has always eaten funny things, and been able to pass them. One year he ate an electric Christmas light and was able to pass the batteries, light bulb, candle sick, and all. About a month ago we noticed that his stomach seemed enlarged. We assumed the usual and fed him boiled ground beef and rice to push it through- and it seemed to go away for a few days, but returned a week later. Over the last week his stomach has doubled in size and we took him to the Allen Park Animal Hospital, yesterday. It turns out that his Spleen is enlarged to the size of a watermelon and could possibly be removed with surgery. The vet has recommended that he have the surgery because 99% of the test results show that everything else is fine- there is a minimal chance that he could not make it, but by removing the Spleen he could live on happy and energetic as he was a week ago. Right now- Binx is in no pain, he is happy, food motivated, playful, just like he was been for the last 10 years. He is uncomfortable because the Spleen is so large he doesn’t have a lot of room inside- the vet says it’s like being pregnant (no pain- but uncomfortable).
*****As of yesterday we had lost all hopes- knowing that the $500 we put up to find out what is wrong, that my fiancé and I cannot afford the surgery. The vet who was so kind and warm recommended that we contact the DETROIT DOG RESCUE, which sometimes does help and are very generous in these types of situations. GOD BLESS THE ANGEL THAT CALLED ME THIS MORNING- THEY ARE WORKING IN COROLATION WITH THE VET TO TRY AND HELP US- SO THAT BINX CAN HAVE HIS SURGURY!!!!
------ A large portion of my life has been dedicated to working with Pit bull rescues to get these precious angels off the street and into good homes. I will continue to dedicate my time and love now for the DETROIT DOG RESCUE for their time, kindness, and even considering that they can help. We are trying not to get out hopes up, but any donations or contributions will help us right now. I am so sad to say that I cannot afford to put any more money into helping- but I want to raise some money to help the DETROIT DOG RESCUE and possibly to help pay for Binx’s surgery. ANYTHING WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, LOVE, & SUPPORT TO ALL PARTIES. WE ARE FOREVER GREATFUL! Even if it is time for Binx to go, at least we tried everything we could. In our opinion, he deserved his wings a long time ago.
Angela Stewart & Bryan Emm
14852 Warwick Ave.
Allen Park, MI 48101
(313) 651-6640
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