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This site was created to help us get closer to our goal of becoming a family. These funds will only be used towards our IVF Process.

For those that may not know us, here is a little back ground. Tim and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years. In the past 4 years we have attempted three IUI's, as two were with clomid. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I had the initial diagnostic surgery done, and have scheduled another for 2/18/12. For the first two years we were under the impression that my left tube was blocked, but after a second opinion here in Dallas I found out that the initial finding was incorrect. So now after four frustrating years and having spent thousands, as well as generous contributions from family, we are back at square one. So the question we now face is where do we go from here? We were going straight to adoption, but after a meeting with a local support group and gaining great insight into IVF, we have decided to give it our best shot. So here we are, looking to fundraise as much as we can to help get us there by the end of the year.

With IVF comes a sizeable financial investment. We are faced with costs at $10000- $11000. The Micro IVF procedure alone is $6250 and then there are anestesia costs of $580, medications that range $2800-$3000, Intra-lipid infusions $150 per dose x 3 doses, and of course freezing of embryos if we have extras to freeze. Freezing costs $720 and a yearly storage fee of $610. All for one round of Micro IVF. With one round, if all goes well, we will have the choice of implanting 1 or 2 viable eggs. Implanting 2 gives us better odds, but also higher risk of multiples. Micro IVF is the same thing as IVF as far as the procedure is is concerned, however we wouldn't be paying as much for the high dosages of medications, I will be put on low dosages which cost a little less.

We had a 2nd opinion today (March 13, 2012) and he suggested that we test me for 'Killer Cells.' Killer cells are caused by Endometriosis and basically fight off any chances of implamentation occuring. So we could spend thousands and not have it work and not know why, or we can take a simple blood test, if I test positive than we just need to treat the hyperactive cells during the transfer process. It was the greatest news we have heard in 4.5 years.

We usually are not ones that ask for help, but this is something that is near and dear to our hearts and we are hoping our friends and family can understand. We appreciate all of your donations and support more than you will ever know. In order to start the process we need to have all funds upfront, so that is why we are starting now to ask for help, so maybe by this time next year we can be pregnant.
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