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Friends & family of the Hanrahans are uniting to raise money to pay for their dog Guinness's surgery after a hit and run accident.

In life sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control. And sometimes that tragic thing can have a huge financial impact on someone.
My good friend Holly is one of the strongest kind hearted people that I have ever met. Sometimes she thinks she is too strong to ask anyone for help. Well today that’s where I come in.
On August 16th 2012 Holly’s Dog, her pride and joy Guinness (85 lb pit-bull/German shepherd/lab mix) was struck by a car and broke his back. Rather than being symphonic or even apologetic the man driving shouted that if the dog wasn’t moved from under his car he was going to hit the gas and move forward. As soon as the dog was moved this horrible man sped away. It was a complete hit and run, the man didn’t taking any responsibility for his actions her dog laid there in the street completely helpless.
Guinness was then rushed to the animal emergency hospital. Holly and her family were told by the doctors that he may not make it. The next few hours were crucial and Guinness was going to have to undergo a serious back surgery.
Guinness fought and made it through the surgery and now has to undergo many weeks of physical therapy. At this point in time Guinness’s front legs are working but as of now his back legs are not. Only time and these weeks of rehabilitation can help determine his future.
Those of you that have dogs or any animal for that matter I’m sure can relate that you would pretty much do anything for you animal. Well Holly would jump through hoops and go to the moon and back for her dog Guinness.
Financially I’m sure as you can imagine the expense of such a serious surgery could exhaust anyone’s wallet. This surgery already cost Holly and family $8,300. But the bills don’t stop there the rehabilitation is thousands of dollars. Guinness is believed to need at least 6 weeks minimum for starters.
This has been not only traumatic on Holly and her family but also financially straining as well. At times like this I wish I had this money lying around to give to my friend. But unfortunately I don’t so here’s where you all come in …
For those of you that know Holly and her family or even for those of you who simply love animals or even for those of you who have ever been hit with something tragic and unexpected please feel free to donate to help them nurse Guinness back to health.
Please keep in mind nothing is too small. Even if it’s the $5.00 you would have spent on a Latte at Starbucks every little bit will help believe me.
Today you could not only help my friend out but also help an animal.
Thank you for taking a minute to read this ! I would greatly appreciate your good wishes and willingness to share this request with others. We promise to keep you up to date on how Guinness is doing.
Thank you!

-Tina Reilly
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