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Omayra's Endometriosis Fund will aid in the medical expenses, bills and medicines. Please join and show your support in this cause.

“Wealth does not diminish by giving charity.  God raises the honour of one who forgives; and one who serves another (displaying humility) seeking the pleasure of God, God will exalt him in ranks.” -Hadith


Peace be upon you. Hi, my name is Omayra Said. I am a 29 year old single person with no family of my own but in hope of a better and brighter future.  I am an Endometriosis survivor, a disease I never knew about or knew it existed until the shock. I have stage 3/4 endometriosis. I had a laparoscopy which confirmed this about 4 years ago. And today I will tell you my story. Please bear patience with me in this talk, because it is very important that you know about this disease (As many women have not even heard about Endometriosis, so they do not seek help when they do have symptoms, because many women think their symptoms are normal).


As far back as my memory will take me, my endometriosis story starts at the tender age of fourteen, when I began having excruciating cramping every month with my periods. I'm talking about the double you over make you sick at your stomach pain that extended across my entire lower abdomen, and down into my thighs and back causing me to missed school days and even work. I don't think I or my mother knew what to do at that time, neither did any doctor. I just end up lying down on the bed at home all day with only a bottle of pain killers next to me and a vomit bag. I never eat on my first two days, and I couldn't sometimes even stand up. Having diarrhea has always came with the menstrual cycle which made it even more painful and last the vomiting because of severe pain. I don't really remember anyone saying why this was happening except that is something normal for some girls/women. After doing that a few times, I went to a general doctor. He determined that irregular periods from a pelvic-exam were the cause for all my pain and put me on the strongest birth-control there was, at the age of sixteen!! I guess that's all they knew to do "way back then."


So there I am on birth-control for a couple of months (3 to 5 months). Which did never even did anything much. The cramp was just lessen by 7% but I went through the same symptoms still. At seeing this result, I gave up and left birth-control and just be normal since it wasn't doing anything. After two years later, I went to visit another doctor; again the same thing procedure was said and was done. After graduating in 2001 from high school, I got my first job at a grocery store as a cashier at the age of nineteen which consist of standing up for hours on your feet something that cannot be done during the time of the month (menstrual cycle). So within every month I had to miss at least the first three days whether if it was at work or the time I was going school for that purpose. It even got to the point they knew why I couldn't come to work.


In 2004, another three years of ridiculous pain, I decided to visit another doctor, this time it was a gynecologist but I was assisted through her nurse since she the doctor was away at the moment. Explained the issue I had for years now, she did nothing but a blood test and a physical exam and ending up leaving with the same results... there was nothing wrong and I was put on birth-control pills again. This time I tried it for six months, again nothing changed. Got a letter from the doctor office after few months, saying the doctor will be leaving to never come back. It didn't bother me at all, because nothing was done to cure this unendurable pain. Again I gave up both doctor visits and birth-control.


For another three years, the pain got worse and the period got so heavy that the least I will enter the bathroom every two hours. There was a time that I even passed out. During the whole year of 2007, I noticed I was never cleared this time not even after the cycle. And days will go by with very sharp intense pain in certain areas of my pelvic. I would have to lay down and press hard in that area trying to ease the pain. I told my mother about the sharp pains I was feeling has become so severe and that I wouldn't even be cleared. My mother also has gave up since every time I visit a doctor, nothing was found. She told me that maybe this pain is gas but deep down inside I denied it was gas because I know the feeling of gas and this pain was every day in the same spot. This went on for a whole year and a half.


Until in late of 2008, I asked close people I know about a good doctor for women. They referred me to a gynecologist. I visited her the first time in the mid of October, hoping this time I will be cure from whatever it was. i told her about the problem I was having for many years and that I visit many doctors and none was able to help me as I expected. She told me she will do a quick pelvic exam in her office, just to have a look according to what I described to her. During that moment, she told me she saw two large round something that was clear in the way that could possibly be cyst. I got scared and wonder what that could be. That time I didn't even know what a cyst was too until then. For further exam, as usual I was sent out to do a blood test and a pelvic exam. Results for both exams was revealed and I received an important call from the doctor and was told to come back the following week. On my next visit, I was told that I am diagnosed with Endometriosis (which leaves the patient at high-risk to have endometrial and ovarian cancer) and anemia and that I needed a surgery to be done as soon as possible. That scared me even more. She gave me a pamphlet about Endometriosis so I can know what this disease was about. That same day when I went home I was laid down for rest from this news that made me exhausted. As I lay down, I looked at my belly at notice there was two humps seen when I am flat on my back. That freaked me out... Only now I am seeing this.


October 31st of 2008 was my surgery date, went successful, thank God. My doctor sat next to me after surgery and told me she removed two huge cyst (each which grew inside on each ovary, causing both of my varies completely destroyed, that she explained that she had to gather whatever was left of it and mold it together for each) that was even burst inside of me which was why I never been cleared after my cycle since 2007. One was the size of a small watermelon and the other the size of a grapefruit. My left Fallopian tube was torn off due to the weight of the cyst. I had another cyst one behind by my cul-de-sac, the size of a kidney bean which was on the way of growing and a whole bunch of tiny cyst covered all over my reproductive system. That I could imagine if I went for another two years every tiny cyst will become huge inside of me. There was nothing ever done for the last two that was mentioned until this day and so still there is no cure yet for this disease.


Three years later, (every year) I did an annual checkup of pelvic sonogram and a blood test, just to keep checking on it, making sure nothing new happens without I being aware. I was placed on the Depo Provera shot until three whole years. I visited a general doctor in Palestine during my vacation for a general checkup since I was due for one and that my blood test showed I had a lot of calcium in my blood (which was abnormal). Back to my doctor after my vacation I showed her the results I did over there and she told me that was caused from the Depo-Provera shot (since one of the risk of using this drug can cause osteoporosis) that is why my bones was losing calcium entering my bloodstream (so I was in the road of that already) gladly I found out about that and stop using that drug immediately and never did the doctor told me when to stop using it until I found out the limit of using this drug was for no more than two years. Nor did she pay any much attention after the following year from my surgery. I have to be dragging myself to herself with terrible customer service I got from her employees, including the doctor herself never returned my calls. I was also put on pills which will increase blood, since I was anemic from the loss of blood for all those years. This also I came to stop myself from taking it after two months after another blood test which shows I have excellent red blood cells count. Read about the drug at the same time and there was a limit to how long a patient should use this drug and she never told me how long I should be taking it. Overall, the last two years, that doctor showed no interest or care of having me as her patient for my sickness.


In the early of 2012, I decided to find another gynecologist, one who cares about their patients regardless what problems they had and who they were. I took my medical history paperwork with me upon my first visit. Did a blood test, a pelvic sonogram and a breast ultra sound (since I was complaining of sharp pains in my breast). When the results came out, I was told by the doctor I have 3 cyst on one of my ovaries and two cyst on my next ovaries, this time it was said that "these cyst will go away on its own within my menstrual cycle" which I doubt (with this pain I feel now and then in my sides) because this is not the first time I had cyst which it never went away but grew bigger. So lets see with that until my next visit which is due early of 2013, as for my blood-test everything was okay, and as for my left breast exam I did, I was told that there was two small tiny benign cyst (which I am concerned about it, that it could grow or become another thing). Recently in those last four months I have been feeling more sharp pain in both of breasts that comes in very often. One lesson I learned is that "never wait too long" even a small pain that comes and goes, never ignore it until you know what really causing it, you will be surprised with the smallest pain anyone could have could possibly leads to a serious health problem. And even if you think you are healthy and you never have pain nowhere, still go for regular checkups because there are many silent killers (diseases) out there, that some are unknown yet. All I wish for me and those who suffer with this condition is for this pain to be gone forever!!!


The reason why I am here is that I pray and hope I can get whatever help I can get to help me continue this journey in fighting endometriosis which I will carry for a lifetime since there is no known cure for endometriosis. My medical expenses is getting overwhelming. My medical expenses includes the following: a breast ultrasound exam which is pending and cost $400 for just one breast, a pelvic exam is roughly around $300, a pap-smear test for $100 and a complete blood test which is at least $275.00 (which is just the four important annual checkups I must do every year to make sure everything is okay with my health) including my medication (prescription cost of $75 every month) to help prevent the cysts from growing by putting my ovaries to sleep every month  which is monthly procedure as well, doctor's visit $70 per every visit and I still have my hospital bill that I haven't even finished paying off which is about $13,000.00. Physician (Dr. Treasure) is $3000.00 for surgery and I have no kind of medical insurance whatsoever (which I can't afford to pay insurance because of the financial instability this condition will create even more). Asking for charity is my last resort, and thank you for anything that can help.


 At this time, the burden of the debt I’ve faced from since this diagnosis and surgery seems overwhelming.  I am grateful for you taking the time to read this whether you are able to donate or not. If you are able to donate in any way to relieve my financial burden, please remember that no amount is too small. It all adds up, so thank you from the very bottom of my heart!


If you would like to continue to donate after online giving has ended or you just prefer to mail a check you can still donate via check (checks are payable to Omayra Said). Please I ask for your help to help me raise these valuable funds. I so much appreciate all those who have come forward to assist me. Every hug, prayer and show of love, is much appreciated and means everything to me! Again, thank you for your precious time and your continued support and generosity. May God bless and keep you. With love always ❤, 


-Omayra A. Said


Checks can be mailed to:

Omayra Said

P.O. Box 8421

Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands 00823


If you have questions please feel free to write me an email:


Endometriosis is categorized in four stages based on the severity, location, amount, depth and size of growths. Early diagnosis in all women is vital if their future fertility is to be protected. The longer that this disease goes undiagnosed the more damage it can do. Endometriosis is typically not a life threatening disease but is life destroying. For more info on this condition visit:

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