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Gabriel's family & friends are uniting to raise money to help with his medical needs. Please show your support.

Gabriel is a 11 year old boy that enjoy school and he participates in the activities with total physical assistance. He is interest in his surroundings and he is affectionate and loving. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, Severe to profound Hearing Loss in both ears and Developmental delay/developmental disabilities. Additional concerns include Seizures/convulsion & Scoliosis.He is completely dependent for all self-care needs. Gabriel wears hearing aids, hand splints, eyeglasses, trunk vest and takes 2 different medications daily to control his seizure disorder. Gabriel is frequently hospitalized due to his seizures. Gabriel in non-ambulatory and cannot maintain a sitting position on his own. He uses a specialized wheelchair that meet his needs.He vocalized some vowel sounds to indicate pleasure and wanting more.He smiles in response to a familiar person or caregiver and will attend momentarily when spoken to by caregiver. He turns his eyes and head towards very loud noises. Gabriel is transported in a car while seated in a car seat. Gabriel has a diagnosis of Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and current is maximally supported in a wheelchair system due to his inability to control his head,trunk, arm and leg movements. He has difficulty holding his head upright and can only sit when fully supported at his hips and trunk. Gabriel currently has no other opportunities to be out of his wheelchair. As he grows in height and weight this factor becomes significantly more important to his caregivers.Because of these limited opportunities for him to be out of his wheelchair, he has no opportunities to learn basic sit,stand, and transfer skills. Its essential for him to have many repeated opportunities throughout his day to practice purposeful and meaningful movements in order to learn these basic functional skills. As he gets older and heavier, transfers will be increasingly demanding for his caregivers, with risk of injury.So he is in need of a Rifton Adaptive Chair so his hips can be properly aligned to prevent windswept positions that contribute to hip dislocation. Adjustments can be made at the trunk level to minimize Scoliosis.If Gabriel is siting up and participating at home alongside his siblings and parents, he can become even more motivated to sit unassisted.When children are level with their peers, their social, emotional and psychological development is enhanced. This inclusion is a profound motivator for learning to sit.

Gabriel loves to play in the water. Loves to swim and loves to move his legs in the water a lot like a little fish. Aquatic Therapy is one of many options that would benefit Gabriel also to promote motor, cognitive and social development. Water provides resistance that can improve circulation, strength and endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination, range of motion and muscle tone. Aquatic activities also help to improve sensory integration.

Besides all his needs EQUINE THERAPY/Horse Therapy would help to improve his health and disabilities. Would also fulfill Gabriel's big dream to interact with the horse. Sometimes the improvement is dramatic. Equine therapy gives a disabled child a physically enjoyable experience (learning to ride a horse) that also helps develop muscle tone, balance, and coordination. It also helps the child develop and improve upon hand-eye coordination. It achieves the same results as standard physical therapy but in a more pleasant setting.

DOLPHIN ASSISTED THERAPY Swimming with dolphins has an immediate effect on just about everyone who experiences it - it generates feelings of euphoria and joy. If you've ever watched a video of people swimming with dolphins, you'll notice the expressions of delight on each face as the dolphin tows them through the water. It is a magical experience. This therapy increases a child's attention span and ability to focus, and motivates him or her to accomplish goals such as improving speech and breathing, fine motor skills and large motor skills, and cognitive thinking. The gentleness of the dolphins combined with the aquatic environment ease pain, decrease stress, and inspire a feeling of well-being. Dolphins also encourage children to swim, which increases flexibility, strength, and muscle tone. Dolphin Assisted Therapy has had good results with children who have Cerebral Palsy, teenagers and adults with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, spinal cord injury, speech problems, phobias, anxiety, depression, autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a variety of emotional problems.

Gabriel's last wish would be to be registered at the Abi's Place special school for cerebral palsy children in Coral Springs. There he will have all therapies he needs, attention, love and care that public school won't give it to him.


Thank you for all your support.

God bless you!!!

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