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Donation Drive for James Ray and his family. James Ray is a paraplegic who lost his family home in the Norman fire.

James needed a fundraiser long before his house burned down in the recent East Norman fires. In May 2011, James, Dottie and their thirteen year old son began to lease a beautiful family home that was built for his mother in 1983 before she died of cancer. It was her dream home and the family dreamed of one day being able to own it after their loss to rebuild a new family life within its walls. Just a few short months later, on August 5, 2011, James was involved in an accident with a truck that forever changed his way of life. He is now paralyzed and lives life as a paraplegic who spends most of his life in and out of hospitals with medical expenses rising above $350,000. There has been no financial relief since the accident and Dottie was forced to leave her current position at work in order to care for James full time with his current health condition. James’ medical problems persist and worsen with challenging pressure wounds, expensive equipment and costly medical care required to deal with his condition. Just a short year later, one day short of the anniversary of his accident that left him paralyzed, his dream home was completely lost to the fires East of Norman. The family has been staying at a hotel and James just recently had to endure yet another surgery on August 9th that has placed him back in the hospital.


1. Home that can accommodate James’ needs as a paraplegic.

2. Specialized Medical Care & Referral. James has feeling throughout his legs and lower back. They believe there is potential recovery if they could receive better medical attention.

3. Temporary relief for funding COBRA payments at the rate of $70 per month due to recent increase with only 30 days notice.

4. Medical Debt relief in the amount of $350,000 for MEDICAL BILLS

5.  Furniture, Appliances, towels, sheets, beds, everything needed to furnish a home.  Everything was lost.

6.  School supplies and clothing for their 13 year old son.

7.  Storage facility to hold donations for family.

8.  Gas cards for travel.

9.  Gift Certificates for restaurants/meals.   

10.  James needs dentures/oral evaluation/dental care since most of his teeth were knocked out in the accident that left him paralyzed.  


**Checks should be made out to James Ray.

Donation Drive with Community Canvas at The Tipsy Artist Show!!

Location:  Othello's at Campus Corner

Date:  August 27th

Time:  6 p.m.  

For more information about Donation Drive at Othello's in Norman, please visit:  

James Ray is now at  Norman Specialty Hospital  in Norman, Oklahoma 405-321-8824  

Send Checks/Gifts/Donations directly:
James Ray
c/o Judy Haggerty
15650 E Imhoff
Norman, Oklahoma 73026


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