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Friends of Josh C. are getting together to raise money for his treatment of mental illness. The money is directed for intensive therapy

A Young Deaf Skateboarder trying to fulfill his Dreams.

In July 2011, a rude awakening happened. Josh was hospitalized for a mental health breakdown. This was not his first time, He has been in and out of hospitals since 2004. I kept asking the doctors what was wrong with Josh, why is he behaving like this? No one gave us an answer, no one really knew. For the first time last summer, he was referred to a psychologist in Garden Grove who finally gave us a diagnosis of Bipolar I with Cyclothymia disorder co-morbid with Social Anxiety and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This version Josh has is so severe, he regularly goes into Psychosis (lose touch with reality) several days out of the week. Patients with Bipolar disorders lead a destructive life if not properly treated.

The first thing that happened was denial, as Josh was having a hard time dealing with his illness. There are many variations of Bipolar disorder, but Josh is dealing with the worst kind that has crippled his life, and those around him. His illness has sabotaged my jobs I worked at to take care of both us. At first we met as friends, became roommates, and ultimately, ended up as me being Josh’s Caregiver. Before I met Josh I was working in the Information Technology fields successfully earning $40,000-60,000 a year, and I had $20,000 in savings. I had a house I rented, and many years of collectibles. Josh was attending school at NIU in DeKalb. Over the years, living with Josh, he had developed so many emergencies, I was not able to keep the jobs I had, and constantly was changing up jobs. Later I discovered the employers were actually sick and tired of the medical emergencies I was going through in taking care of Josh including some incidences where Josh would call my employer and yell obscenities at them during a meltdown. During all this time, we had no official diagnosis, and I would do ANYTHING, including selling $60,000 of my Matco Tools I owned as a hobbyist on high performance VW Audi Tuning. Eventually we were evicted at least 4 times, for various reasons, which we did not know at that time was a medical issue. Josh constantly had meltdowns, and it got more and more violent and it scared our neighbors. I would spend everything I had just to prevent Josh’s meltdown, but it was not enough.

I am trying to raise money to get treatment for Josh. I have been taking care of him the last 5 years, and we had no idea what was wrong, or if anything was wrong with him. I have NOT been paid for taking care of him what so ever, and his mental health was deteriorating to point where he would actually have violent meltdowns on a weekly basis. Only recently 3 months ago after a brief hospital stay, did we finally find out and understand what Bipolar Disorder was, which prevents him from leading a normal life. It was a little too late. I had already lost my $60,000.00 Matco tool collection; we had lost our home 4 times and all our personal property. I still cannot get a job today because of Josh's mental illness. Josh needs intensive treatment that health insurance will not cover. The treatment recommended by his psychologist is a 3 month intensive program at Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach. I am asking for the public's help in getting Josh the treatments he needs. Please do not let him fall through the cracks of taxpayer funded support; the community is his only hope to continue to live a reasonably independent life with this severe mental illness.

Josh dreams to be a professional Skateboarder; his illness has slowed him down greatly. During his lucid periods, he is the most amazing skateboarder getting attention from others around him. During his psychosis days, he is the most violent skateboarder around, getting bad slams, and throwing his skateboard around. With treatment, he can go back to his dreams of skateboarding, and maybe open his own non-profit skate park and after school program for kids to give back to the community. He loves giving a show on a skateboard, and loves sharing the happiness he gets from the sport.

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