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Rocky Wisdom was born early! Not just early, but 16 weeks early. His family has mounting medical bills and a long journey ahead of them.

May 9th started out normal as any other day, that is until Brandy woke up and realized that her water had broke. Normally that would be okay except that she was only 18 weeks along. We would not even find out the sex of the baby for another 3 weeks, but yet those membranes were ruptured. Brandy was placed on a strict bed rest, to ensure that she would be able to contain enough fluid to allow future development of the unborn child. After spending a week in the hospital, the doctors allowed her to go home on a few strict conditions. They prescribed her a medical bed to keep her elevated at all times, a wheel chair to go from the house to the car, and the car to the doctor's appointments. She was told that she could do nothing but rest. This was very stressful on her as she was pretty much a stay at home mom with 3 young boys, ages 3,6,10. Brandy did make it for 3 weeks at home, while her husband took family medical leave from work to take care of his wife and family. By the time Brandy went back to the hospital due to contractions at 22 weeks of gestation, Brandon had exhausted all of his paid time off and was bringing in no income. After being put on massive amounts of antibiotics, Magnesium to stop the contractions, Brandy could only hold the baby in for another week. The reason for the antibiotics is with no fluid both mom and child are at a high Risk for Infections. Brandy gave birth to a beautiful Little Boy named Rocky Don Wisdom, on June 9th at 1104 am. We named him Rocky Don because he is going to have a fight on his hands. There was less than a 1% survival rate for the first 24 hours. We gave him his middle name after his Great Grandpa who would have turned 80 on the same day the water broke, and we said good bye to him just over a year ago at this same hospital Rocky was born in. Brandy was given steroid shots to help the lungs produce a fluid to keep the air sacks from sticking closed in Rocky's lungs when she was administered to the hospital. This is a practice usually not done until 24 Weeks, but with mom struggling from infections it was the only option we had. It was a great choice made by the medical staff because when Rocky was born he cried! What a great sigh of relief. Rocky was born at 1lb 3.4oz, just about the weight of 5 sticks of butter, and just a few Inches longer than a $20 bill at 11 Inches. On day 7 his chances of survival with minimal to no development delays rose to 90%, such a great milestone. With the assistance of Social Networking, Rocky's Story reached thousands of people, many who placed him on prayer chains in the churches they attend. I still feel today it was all that support that has gotten us to where we are today, day 11. As of today, his weight is a little lower than his birth weight, but he is not retaining as much water. He is now eating 2.5ml of breast milk by feeding tube that mom is storing for when we get to bring him home. We have been blessed that we have wonderful medical staff here in Idaho Falls and the NICU has better than average results. However,the hard part about not working while supporting a family is the gas it takes to get to see him. We try to see him two times a day if not more. Unfortunately, I have noticed that the other three boys seem to feel a little left out. I have to make the responsible decision to postpone fun things like fishing trips to maintain enough gas to see Rocky. Because he is in the NICU, Rocky's older brothers can't even see him yet so I take a video on my phone and then upload it to YouTube so they can watch it at home. If you would like to see the videos, please search under bmwisdom69 to find my channel. We also understand that support comes in many other forms than money. Prayers are always encouraged, and we have also created "Team Rocky" which is a Poster board of all his supporters. I ask anyone who has prayed for him, thought of him, or even made a donation to feel free to send a picture for his support board at Thank you for your generous support.
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