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The family and friends of Lauren Munn are uniting to raise money to help her with her battle with Leukemia.

Lauren Munn our beautiful vibrant 20 year old has been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. It all started a few months ago when Lauren was feeling very tired and we all chaulked it up to her trying to keep up with her baby boy Baelyn and her security dispatching job where she works at night coming in after midnight. Back in November Lauren finally started to seek medical treatment but didn't really get anywhere. She was told by the doctor "it's just stress".

The week before Christmas not only was Lauren laying around either in bed or on the couch too tired to do anything she began to complain of bruising all over her body and when she showed us the bruising it looked like she had been beaten all over her legs and arms. Our first response was for her to go to the doctor immediately. Her response to us was that she had to provide a nice birthday and Christmas for her son and that she could not afford to go to a doctor at this time. So for one of her Christmas present from us, we sent her to the doctor and we are so grateful that we did because waiting any longer would have narrowed her treatment options or we could have even lost her. It's only a couple of weeks post Christmas and today Lauren has started her first day of treatment.

Just in a few days Lauren has endured more poking and prodding than most of us would have in a lifetime and so far the most painful procedure was when the doctor had to take her bone marrow. We are praying that she does not have to endure pain like that again but we know there is a very long road ahead of her from both a financial and emotional/physical perspective. She was not prepared for this and I don't know of anyone who prepares for getting cancer.

We are thankful that the medical advancements in the treatment of cancer have come along way but with the treatment options available to sustain ones life or cure their illness comes the financial aspect which is devastating. Lauren is a single mother supporting her son on one income.The cost to maintain daily living expenses while she fights this cancer are already mounting. We don't know what the total costs are going to be but we had to get something started so we could start offsetting some of the expenses that are already mounting immediately.

With your help we know that Lauren has a chance to beat this. We are thankful for advanced technology and that we are able to share Lauren's story in hopes that all of the people who read this will share her story with their friends and that we reach as many people as we can so that Lauren can receive financial help to assist with the medical treatments and drugs.

We love our Lauren and want her in our lives and we will do anything we can to keep her treatments going and we believe in the power of numbers and that with your donation no matter how big or small will be pooled to keep these treatments going.

Thank you for taking the time to read Lauren's story and if you can not help us financially we understand. We also believe in the power of prayer so please pray for Lauren.

Lauren has started a blog and you can follow her at

We appreciate all of your support and will continue to share the progress Lauren makes. We are positive and truly believe that Lauren is going to beat this and go on to accomplishing great things in life!

Many of you have already asked if you can send a donation by mail. Please send any donations to P.O. Box 11161 Jacksonville, FL 32239-1161

The family and friends of Lauren Munn are so thankful for all of your support!
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