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Our son Jayden was recently diagnosed with Autism and in order for him to function normally in society, he needs Applied Behavioral Analysis and Speech Therapy, which is not covered under our insurance.

My 2 ½ year old son Jayden Hemmings was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He currently needs Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy (ABA Therapy) and it is not covered by our insurance. (ABA) is a mixture of psychological and educational techniques that are utilized based upon the needs of each individual child. (ABA) techniques have been proven in many studies as the leading proven treatment and method of choice on treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder at any level and it is also endorsed and recommended by the office of the Surgeon General.
We have been fighting our insurance company and trying to convince them to provide the coverage that my son needs, but they keep coming up with different excuses to deny the coverage. What is important about this therapy is starting earlier. If you can save a child in time, they can perform like a normal healthy kid by kindergarten. I never imagined in my life to be going through such an experience, but I know my son deserves the opportunity to get the therapy that he needs that will make a difference in his life. The costs for this therapy are astronomical. Standard ABA therapy starts at $2,000 per week. Jayden's evaluation and the standard of care to see improvement showed he would benefit from 30-40 hrs per week. In addition, he also needs speech therapy and that costs $100 per hour. My insurance covers 70% of this cost which leaves 30% as our responsibility. His speech therapist recommends 3 hours per week. On a weekly basis that adds up to $2,090 a week ,$8,360.00 a month ,and $100,320 year.  In total, we are trying to raise $100,320.00 which will cover Jayden receiving 40 hrs of therapy per week in ABA and 3 hours a week of speech therapy.
I am asking our friends and family to donate to help Jayden. Every dollar makes a difference. Without this therapy my son will never be self sufficient and not be able to reach his full potential. When you plan on having children, you want them to be healthy and to have every opportunity to function and be successful in life, but when you find out that your child has a condition that could hinder that success in life it is devastating. Every fiber in your being wants to FIGHT for your child to have the opportunity to succeed and have a prosperous life. That's what we are doing and we will keep fighting for our son until he receives the proper care that he needs. It doesn't matter what your donation amount is, because every contribution will get us one step closer in making sure our son Jayden will be able to function normally in this world. We appreciate your love and support.

The Hemmings Family

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