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My 12 yr old son, Aaron is allergic to wheat and chicken, is sensitive to milk, eggs, soy,nuts and fish, is enrolled in k-12

Home schooling is serious, it is his education he needs this 6hrs per day,and the glutten free foods he has to have cost a small fortune, I really don't know how people are supposed to pay for that. Aaron's education depends on home school, he see's a specialist in TN, we live in KY, he usually has two biopsys per yr to see what is going on,which is another debt in it's own; Please help Aaron.. he was a straight A student, distinguished in his classes, it isn't fair that he don't have the same opportunities as kids without allergies. I am finding myself struggling between the cost of home-school, paying the mortgage and the rest of the bills, I am a single parent after 27 yr of marriage, so we are adjusting or trying to pick up the pieces. I also have a daughter in public school which is fine, however it became a nightmare for Aaron fast, he was in constant contact with food that made him very sick, from mouth sores to swallowing difficulties, etc. Please help Aaron..a final note: I lost my job on Sept 27th, due to lack of balance between this and being a manager, I am getting ready to start working from home, however I have the rest of this month to get my house pmts caught up or we will become homeless, things are just not happening fast enough, we need to get caught up to be able to focus on his health and education, without the constant panic of loosing everything we have.
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