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This is a fundraiser for Hamilton Duffy Duncan. The Funds will be used to cover medical and living expenses.

I met Hamilton in 2008 while working the 3rd shift at Home Depot as part of their freight crew. During the few months I worked there, he and I became great friends. We even would go grocery shopping together at 6am when our shift was completed. I moved to North Carolina in July of 2009 to be closer to my mom and family.

On September 1, 2011, while on his way to the gym, Hamilton suffered a hypertension emergency. While jogging he was overcome by an intense migraine, lost his sight momentarily and was unable to maintain his balance. He had enough insight that he changed his course and went straight to the emergency room. He was diagnosed that same day with renal kidney failure. One of the dangerous side effects to his condition was a loss of eyesight. During his stay he'd gone through numerous tests and procedures, a few of which were to determine whether his sight would return to normal. There was hope but no guarantees. It took a month for Hamilton to be discharged.

Over the next few months, he would struggle to adjust to a completely new way of living. EVERYTHING changed. He has had to adjust his diet, watch his liquid intake and be mindful of his surroundings (going so far as to not travel at night alone). On his best days he can go for walks, but makes sure he stops to rest along the way. On other days, usually the days he gets dialysis, he's plagued by extreme pain, fatigue, dizziness, use of his arms and needs his friends and neighbors to assist him with everyday tasks. Since his hospitalization, his eyesight has returned but his vision suffered 15% permanent damage. Later on, due to complications with his fistula, he was forced to undergo more pain from operations required to correct the part of the artery that continued to collapse and hinder his dialysis. In mid May of 2012, he would be hospitalized again, this time from adrenal insufficiency. Although separate from the renal failure, it was one more thing to add to an already debilitating illness and the stress that he already felt. He is currently being tested for the cause and severity of his condition.

Hamilton is a very talented cook and caterer by trade. Because of the side effects and complications of his illnesses, he is unable to work like he once did. Medicare covers most of his medical costs but he has to pay a large monthly fee just to get his medications at a discounted rate. Additionally, once a kidney is available to him, his anti-rejection meds will only be covered for an additional 36 months. All of Hamilton’s bills are piling up around him and he stands to lose everything that he's built for himself so far.

Hamilton lives alone in Denver, Colorado, away from his family in New York, and has been assisted financially so far by his mom, family and friends. He is attempting to find part time work through a rehabilitation program, but has not had any luck so far. To date, only two of the financial assistance programs in his city have provided him with any help.

Please donate whatever you can to help him through this difficult time. Tell people you know and have them tell people they know. Hamilton never had a lot but he was always willing to give or help others. He is an amazing human being who is trying to keep his head up, and at the same time always trying to keep others smiling. Let’s keep him from becoming a statistic.
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