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my daughter's name is Gian Millen Chavez Cortez,16 y.o .she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblasic Leukemia.i am a solo parent with 3 kids.i lost my job because i need to take care of my daughter.i really dont know where to get money to support the treatment of my daughter.i almost done my best,lost everything but i know its not enough.i love my daughter so much.she is beautiful,intelligent,kind and God fearing.i am so afraid to loose children are all what i have now.Cancer is a very long treatment ang i really dont know when it ends.all i know is to fight and have strenght for my daughter is also a fighter.i feel that she really likes to live and have a normal life like what other teen agers do.its very hurtful for me as a mother to see my daughter in this i am here trying to ask for your help,to find people with good hearts who can help my daughter ,who can support her treatments,her needs and be with her until the ends of her battle against cancer.i am praying to touch your hearts .Please help me,because i cant do it alone without your me in saving my daughter's prolong her life because i trully love my daughter so much.i need her.we need her.and i cant live without her.thank you very much for anything,for everything that you can give for my daughter especially your understanding.God bless you All

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