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Paying it forward - Sending 2 poor Guatemalan students to school w/ shoes that fit, appropriate uniforms, and books & supplies.

5 years ago while getting ready to travel to Guatemala to pick up 11 month old Stella, I began gathering items to take to her extremely poor foster family. Friends & family began asking how they could help. Knowing that good shoes that fit was one of the most important things for Guatemalan children, I decided to take up a collection of cash donations to buy the 2 children in Stella's foster family SHOES! I couldn't buy them here as I has no idea what size or what they needed. Shoe money started being handed to me left & right! People that I had never met gave my mother money to pass to me. $5 here, $10 there....and $20!

The one thing that I heard over and over was "Heather, we always want to help someone but we never know how. You never know who is getting your donation or if its being used as intended! We know you are taking the money in your pocket, taking the kids to the shoe store, and putting shoes on their feet!"

In 2 short weeks, I had way too much money for SHOES! When I arrived in Guatemala, I learned that Stella would be the Foster Mother's last child, as the adoptions were closing in the country. She would be without a job...... She never asked me for anything, but I knew her 2 children would not be going to school or receiving the items they needed for school.

So after I took the kids shoe shopping.... Tennis Shoes & Black School Shoes...... I saw that Mother & Grandmother needed new shoes desperately. I purchased shoes for the family...... Then asked them to take me to their schools. I was then able to pay for the next year's school & books fees from the left over 'Shoe Donations'. Needless to say, Mother is in tears over children with new shoes...... She's practically on her hands & knees thanking God that her children are now going to school.

6 years later, I do that same thing every year.

Ana Marie found a job after a year & a half. She makes $3 a day. That's the going rate...... She has to feed her family on that money & that's barely doable..... Let alone paying $350 a year for school fees, book fees, shoes & uniforms for now growing teenagers. They already live in a cement block 'house' with dirt floors, have no transportation, and she works 7 days a week.

Guatemalan school calendar starts in January. This year Stella, Lucy, & I will travel there the first week of December and take care of the families needs. School, shoes, uniforms, books...... And any money left over will be spent on large bags of Rice, Baking Supplies, a couple of fresh chickens, and produce so that they can have a true family feast at Christmas.

Looking for an honest way to 'Pay It Forward'?
PLEASE HELP! ....... $5.00 that's all I'm asking for! It adds up!!
All cash donations will be spent directly by myself..... directly for the family.
You will be able to follow along on our journey the first week of December.
Thank You from the bottom of my soul...... ~ Heather
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