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Please help to save the sight of one sweet rescued English Bulldog, Fiona.

I rescued Fiona and her sister Brandi in 2010. I was looking for a male English Bulldog to keep our 7 year old English Bulldog company as we had just lost his brother to congestive heart failure. Then I received the call that these two girls were about to be uthanized because the owners no longer wanted to provide the care that EB need. They were both purchased from puppy mills down south, and had been with this family since they were little. We drove 3 hours to pick them up. Neither could walk, theor facial folds were red with infection. Their eyes were swollen and infected. They had mange and between each toe were cysts the size of huge red grapes. Ironically, they were both obese, perhaps 20 pounds overweight. This was due to free choice feeding of inexpensive dry dog food. I carried them to the car just sick inside but determined to help them. The rescue organization covered the initial vet exams/immunizations and a further series of tests to rule out heart disease in Brandi. Fiona was 8 years and Brandi 11. The plan was to rehabilitate them and place them for adoption. Then the rescue called and said that placing two dogs of that age together and in their condition would be nearly impossible. They would send them to a farm in upstate to "live out their lives" with the rest of the unplaceable dogs. So...we adopted them. Let me clarify "we." I am a single mom who has been rescuing/adopting English Bulldogs since 2000. I have paid all their expenses myself and anyone who knows EB's knows that is substantial. I sustained a spinal injury in a train derailment in 1982. The arthritis in my spine has gotten so bad that I am no longer able to be a reliable worker. I was a farmer for 30 years, then a paralegal. My daughter has Autism, Cerebral Palsy and in 2010 was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is one of the most kind and caring people that I know. She complains about nothing and takes each day as it comes. Her medical expenses that are not covered by insurance are many. So far we have managed. My daughter and I survive on disability. Life has changed dramatically. In October of 2011, Winston our male EB was diagnosed with Leukemia. After $5k in treatment and two months, we lost him. Emma's Foundation kindly helped with some of the medical expense, easing the burden some. He was so funny and a joy to be around. I grieve for him still. In December 2011, Brandi developed a Cancerous tumor on her side and underwent surgery 3 times. Again Emma's Foundation stepped in and offered what help they could. Save Our Strays did the same. I am very grateful to them. Brandi spent months in treatment but has healed and is doing well. I am still paying off vet bills for both of them, now about $1000. Now, Fiona,has developed an eye condition requiring surgery. She has eyelashes growing under her eyelids and rubbing on her eyeballs. The eyes get so red and irritated that the third eyelid pops out from time to time like a baloon. The conditions are called Distchia and Cherry Eye. I have spent about $1000 already just in medications/tests and repeated exams. They do not help. Her surgery is estimated to cost $2157.34. I would like to be able to pay off the last two bills from Winston and Brandi also. They are $850 at one vet and $300 at another. Without help, Fiona will not have the necessary surgery and not only be in pain, but potentially loose her sight. I have contacted the original rescue, who is overwhelmed with dogs and medical expense right now. I have applied to two foundations for help, but must first raise as much of the money on my own as I can.
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