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Give a dog in need a second chance. Peaches needs costly medication and treatment, and we need help to give it to her.

This Christmas time we went home to Texas to visit family, and rescued a severly abused dog. When we found her she was completely emaciated and pregnant, laying in a make-shift kennel with no food, water, or shelter, in about three inches of snow. She was completely non responsive, and we worked for hours to bring her back around. We put her in the shower and ran hot water over her, towel and blow dried her, wrapped her in an electric blanket and laid her by a floor heater, and an hour later her temp was still too low to register on a thermometer. We've had her since Christmas Eve, and she has put on a good ten pounds, but still needs to gain about 25 to reach her ideal weight. She had the pups, four beautiful babies, but they did not make it. They had a heart defect; the valve that regulates blood flow was not formed properly, and caused them all to bleed out. This is a result of the mother's lack of care during pregnancy. All four died last week, so we've turned out attention to fully recovering the dog. Today we went to the vet and got all kinds of testing done. At first it appeared that the news wasnt too bad. Then, towards the end of the visit we were told horrible news- she tested positive for heartworms. As of now, she is in no condition for the harsh treatment, but our vet said that when we get her weight up, its most certainly worth a try. This was great news, but she then informed us of the HUGE price tag. We have two options. Option one is a set of three harsh, arsenic based injections, at 300 dollars a piece. The risks with this procedure are that there is a chance that because the veins and heart are enlarged, the worms will slip to her lungs and cause a thrombosis. Option two is to take her to a special cardiologist who can do an EKG and then potentially perform surgery to remove all of the worms. Including the EKG, hospitalization, and procedure, we are looking at anywhere from 1000 to 3000 dollars. She has fought so hard and come so far- it would be completely unfair for her to lose her fight simply because of a lack of funds. I am not asking for a handout- I am asking you to open your heart to a beautiful, sweet creature whose last chance relies strictly on funding. She is also on expensive prescription food to help with weight gain, and might have to have a blood transfusion. The transfusion could cost anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars.
If you can find it in your heart to PLEASE help us out, it would be appreciated more than you will ever know.
Thank you so much for just reading this, and if you want to help, or have any suggestions as to where we can find the help that we need, please email me directly at

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