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Lea Ann and her kids are trying to raise money to help Mom's fight against Lyme and the Insurance Company. Please help!

After years of progressing illness/symptoms and repeated doctor's visits, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease a few months ago. Prudential has denied my long term disability claim so I have been without income since mid-March. I am appealing Prudential's decision, but in the meantime I am seeking help so that I can pay for my medical care and all of life's expenses, especially rent so that my landlords don't have to suffer along with me.
I have been quite sick and unable to work since December 2011. Through this wonderful website, "YouCaring," I am reaching out to my family, friends, and anyone else out there who may be able to help in some way. My money has run out and I am in a financial crisis--on the verge of losing my apartment, my car, and my ability to pay for medical insurance and medical care. Briefly,my story: After years of progressing illness; endless, unexplained symptoms; and repeated doctor's visits and inconclusive tests, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in January 2012. I owe my diagnosis in part to an episode of the cable show "Mystery Diagnosis" and also to a friend, Paul, who recognized my symptoms and strongly urged me to seek testing by a Lyme-Literate doctor. When I got my diagnosis in January, I thought my long road was finally coming to an end because, at long last, I had an explanation for all of the medical problems I had been having and could begin the treatment and healing process. What I found, instead, was that the long road I was on had, in some ways, only just begun. My company paid me Short Term Disability for my first ninety days out of work, but when it came time for Long Term Disability to kick in, my company's insurer failed to live up to their end of the bargain. I haven't received any pay at all since March 16, 2012, because Prudential Insurance Company denied my long term disability claim. I am appealing their denial and I am told by others who know about Lyme Disease that eventually I am likely to get my claim approved. In the meantime, though, there is no money for medical care, rent, food--life! This is where you come in! :) Can you please help me? No amount is too small or would go unappreciated! This site asks for a "donation sought" amount, so I put in $30,000. This would be six months' worth of disability income for me. I don't have to get that much, though. It is the $1,650 per month for my landlords and the $503 per month for my car (not driving a fancy car; just have a ridiculous interest rate and a car that was sold to me under fraudulent conditions and thus can't be unloaded--it was in a frame-damaging accident and thus worth only half what I paid for it and still owe on it. Another long story!)that I am most concerned about paying. My landlords have been so kind and patient but they must be paid and are suffering financially because of me and my situation. I have been blessed to receive two very generous loans from friends; some rental help and gift cards from my Church; and as much help as my parents are able to give. These loans/gifts got me through June and part of July, but my monthly bills are still coming in and I have nowhere else to turn now but to you angels out there who might be able to help me. I still owe $1,150 for the July rent and I must somehow get $503 to Regional Acceptance, who holds my car loan, by this Tuesday, July 31, or I lose my car. For those of you who don't know me well or have not seen me recently, I offer this additional information : I am 51 years old and the mother of two teenagers. I'm divorced and share custody of my kids. I was a self-employed, Certified Massage Therapist for several years. The economy ended my full-time career as a Massage Therapist in April 2009(and then a serious neck injury in September 2009, a vertebral artery dissection, ended my part-time massaging career in September 2009; but, I digress!). By the grace of God, I had a career in Contracts Administration to fall back on in 2009 when the economy was struggling so. I was working as a Lead Contract Administrator at Alion Science and Technology; working hard despite progressing illness; and making a good living when I got too sick to continue working. I have been undergoing very aggressive antibiotic therapy and as much alternative care/supplementation as I have been able to afford for the past several months. I am currently being treated with IV antibiotics; I have a PICC Line in my left arm now. I believe in my heart that I can heal from this disease and go back to work one day, but I can't do it if this financial crisis is not averted somehow. Just the stress of it alone is enough to interfere with the healing process. This part of my story is hard to put into words, but I will try. Despite the sickness and pain, the inability to work, and the loss of income due to an unjust denial of benefits; I know in my heart and soul that having this illness and going through this experience is a Blessing in so many ways--it has led me to God and to a new way of being. I have learned so much over these past few months. I live in an almost constant state of prayer now. I am absolutely sure that I am going through this experience for a reason and I am absolutely sure that I am on the path that God intended for me. I am grateful for everything I do have; every breath I am able to breathe; and every step I am able to take. I have this incredible desire to serve (I think it was always within me but I needed to be hit over the head with a brick wall to really get it out of me!) and I know that as my health and financial security returns, I will serve in many ways. I pray that I have the opportunity and the honor to serve each of you one day.
With Deepest Love and Gratitude, Lea Ann
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