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The Funds will be used to provide a lawyer for Mr. Albert Bropleh. Mr. Bropleh has been locked up without being charged for four months.

Four months ago, Mr. Albert Bropleh, (a U.S. Citizen working and living in Liberia) was kidnapped from his home in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, while awaiting a re‐trial for an alleged corruption charge, for which the government could not prove as these charges were made up by vindictive men who did not approve of Mr. Bropleh's strict style of leadership as former Chairman of Telecommunication.

Upon being kidnapped Mr. Bropleh was beaten, tortured and brutalized by the Liberian government security forces. He was first held at a private law firm in the city, only to be taken to prison after concerned citizens and family members began questioning his whereabouts. Albert Bropleh’s first trial ended in a guilty verdict only to be reversed after it was discovered that the decision ended in a hung jury. Some juror admitted that they accepted bribes to vote guilty, in Mr. Bropleh’s trial.

Many disheartened citizens have voiced their dismay about the corruption seen in the judicial system. The disappointment expressed amongst citizens is believed to be the driving force behind the more brutal treatment of Albert Bropleh. Some speculate that Albert Bropleh is being used as a scape-goat of the government fighting corruption.
The police Chief and ten of his officers in Tubmanburg, where Mr. Bropleh is imprisoned, has attacked and beaten members of Mr. Bropleh’s family; the Anti Corruption Commission Chair, who has no jurisdiction over the current case against Albert Bropleh, has constantly followed and tailgated Mr. Bropleh’s family. The government has ignored the Supreme Court’s order (Habeas Corpus) to immediately release Mr. Bropleh; his health is deteriorating and he needs to see a doctor soon. Three times a hearing date was set for Mr. Bropleh’s release, and three times the Prosecutors never showed up. Now Mr. Bropleh has been denied access to his family, denied access to a phone to make calls, denied access to a judge or magistrate, and denied access to his attorneys and his case files (which are public records). All his lawyers representing him have been intimidated harassed and had their life threatened; even a prominent judge during Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Jerome Verdier, who once represented Mr. Bropleh had to flee the country because threats against his life by the Liberian government.

Arbitrary arrest is against the law in any and every country, yet the Liberian government has chosen to disregard the laws, beat, torture, and illegally imprison Mr. Bropleh. A Liberian official, Jummah Karnley stated that he would like to see Mr. Bropleh die in prison. Another official stated that Mr. Bropleh should stay in jail until he dies.

The U.S State department, and the U.S embassy in Liberia has issued a diplomatic note condemning the Liberian Government and Judicial System illegal actions against Mr. Bropleh, but that has not deterred the government from the persecution of Mr. Bropleh.

Please help us raise funds for Mr. Bropleh's legal defense, he needs to see a doctor has been separated from his his wife and children for almost a year, he has no lawyer, I am afraid of what would happen if he is not able to get a lawyer fighting for his freedom.

Any amount is appreciated
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