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Luke is a rescued pug who needs help. He had emergency intestinal surgery and had his spleen removed. He is now battling pneumonia.....

Four years ago, our family rescued an abused pug named Luke. For the first six years of his life, he had been confined to a crate for 23 hours a day, and had grown morbidly obese due to a lack of exercise. When we rescued him, his nails had to be cut out of his paws because they had ingrown due to never being trimmed. Within the first year, Luke ruptured his tendon in his leg due to his weight, and underwent surgery to repair it ($2,000.) He healed from the surgery and became a happy and well adjusted dog in his new home with his 2 pug sisters.

Roughly one and a half years later, Luke suddenly became completely blind due to a conditions known as SARDS (sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome) which is caused when the retinas of the dog are destroyed by the immune system. There is no known cause or cure for SARDS, and the only potential hope for a partial recovery was an experimental treatment using injections of human hemoglobin, which had shown a potential for restoring partial sight in one dog. We decided that even though it was very expensive ($3,000) we needed to give Luke the chance for recovery because nobody ever gave him a chance before. Unfortunately the treatment did not work and Luke went blind. We modified the house so he would not hurt himself bumping into things.

Last week, Luke began throwing up violently. He was rushed to the animal hospital when we saw green discharge coming out of his nose. Luke underwent emergency surgery recently to remove an intestinal blockage. When the surgeon was removing the blockages from his intestines and stomach, he also found a mass on his spleen, and it was also removed.

After the surgery, and when Luke was showing signs of improvement, he developed aspiration pneumonia because he had breathed in while vomiting, and is now battling infections throughout his body, and very bad pneumonia in his right lung. He is having tremendous trouble breathing, and is fighting even though the veterinarian stated that he did not expect him to survive past Friday of last week. The good news is he is beginning to eat and is showing some signs of improvement. His medical expenses are approaching $5,000, and he is still in guarded condition. Please help us as we are having difficulty paying these high expenses. We are not the type of people who believe a dog should be put to sleep just because the bills are high, and we believe a good dog deserves a chance at life, even if he is in bad shape.

UPDATE: It breaks my heart to say that Luke died this morning. We are grieving. If you still would like to help us out a little with his bills, we would appreciate it. If we raise a little money we will put some of it towards his bills and donate everything else. Anything that is raised over his final vet bills will be donated to The Animal Foundation to help other animals.
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