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CAUSES OF FAILING RELATIONSHIPS in regards to Communication, Money, Respect, Listening, Appreciation, and most importantly patient and love.

My name is Michael Obayelu. I served in the US military on active duty for 7 years in Korea, USA and Germany. I also served another 7 years in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan providing Logistics Support as a contractor.

This project is very crucial and absolutely will be one of the bext project you will ever support. The title of my project is: CAUSES OF FAILING RELATIONSHIP.

Our society should be made up of happy people. Respectable ladies and gentlemen. Wonderful people that would make leaders of tomorrow. Like my mother always say, Charity begins at home. Why do we have so many people that are struggling single moms and single dads. I know for the fact that a child raised by two people is more happier than one raised by a struggling mother or father who spent all her time at work trying to provide. But the question is, Do we even know why our relationship did not work out? Are we being honest to ourselves and our partner why our relationship did not work out? If you don't know what you did wrong, there would be no room for improvement.

It is not unusual nowadays when we look around only to see so many single moms and dads. Newly married couples already separated within few years of marriage. A friend of mine said people Date to marry instead of marry to Date. What that means is that when you are married or in a committed relationship, you are meant to enjoy those things you do with each other more as couples or committed lovers than when you were just getting to know each other. You Marry to Date and not Date just to get marry.

This project is dramatic in a sense of how beautiful it all started with different families and how some sustain each other thru the storm while others slowly allows problems to end their relationship. This is an educating Film.


WHAT HAS BEEN DONE: Much have been spent to make this project a success and everything needed to shoot this Film has been acquired from Camera to lighting, microphone, name it. Shooting and editing is in place but there is one major need, money to fund the cast and crew.

WHAT WE NEED: I need your support financially to Film this project. I could not complete the project without your support. Please support by putting the word out to your friends and family. If you support and give me this opportunity to complete this project, i cannot thank you enough.

GOAL: My goal is to raise $25,000 for this Film.


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