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The family and friends of Brandon Legardye are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against Hirschsprung's Disease .

My name is Brandon Legardye, I was born on June 13,2000.on that beautiful day I was born with Hirschsprung 's Disease and Milirotation. Hirschsprung's (Hush - Sprungz ) Disease (HD) is a disease that effect the large intestine, other wise known as the colon.Some other names for HD are Congential disease , which mean a person was born with it. HD also hereditary components and could pass it on from parent to child.It is a rare disease that effect one in 5,000 births.

Hirschsprung's Disease occurs when nerve cells are absent in the intestinal wall. Nerve cells act as messages that carry electrical impulse through the body. In HD these cells ( other wise called ganglion cells) are absent make complete digestion and elimaination of fecess difficult or impposible.

As a result of the disease, I've had 26 surgeries which left me with no large intestine ,no appendiexand 18 inches of small bowel. I have had a colostomy since I was two weeks old.

Everything within my adominal cavity has loosened up and has been scartted causing me to experience excruciating cramps, difficulty eating, walking , sitting and standing for a long period of time . I have been turned away from 13 major hospitals, due to the complex of my condition . My family has come to Chicago to seek better help for me . I have a wonderful mom who works so hard to keep my life as normal as possible , I am truly blessed to have made it this far. Unfortuntley my current journey has run in to some stumbling blocks and my health insurance will no longer cover the cost for much needed medical supplies for my colostomy and doctor vists , labs , surgeries and the list goes on.

My desire is to see my little sister grow up and one day have a chance to go to college and play professional basketball.

Your generous donation will go a long way in making this happen. You will also help our financial burden enabling us to focus on soley on getting Brandon well. Brandon is a strong ,brave and special young man who deserves this opportunity and to surpport Brandon to live.

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