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Please join us in helping Randy Pate continue to receive greatly needed medical treatment and beat cancer! Please show your support.

Many of you have asked, “How is Randy Pate?” “What is he doing now?”

In November 2005, Randy was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. For the last 6½ years, he and his wife, Shelley have been intensely pursuing both traditional and complementary medical treatments while continuing to work full-time.

After working at WAGS for 10 years and receiving cancer treatments during the last 6 years, Randy decided he needed to concentrate exclusively on his health. It was a difficult but good decision. So, in October 2011, he resigned as managing partner and went on disability.

As some of you may already know, Randy has 3 adult children who lost their mother, his wife of 26 years, to breast cancer 17 years ago. Randy has stood strong for the rest of us-his family, friends and coworkers- during these last 6 years. As a dear friend said, “Randy, now it’s time for us to be strong for you.”

At first, many of the treatments Randy received seemed to work. However, this insidious disease has continued to grow and spread. Randy’s cancer has metastasized to his lymph nodes and other tumors have grown near his kidneys, liver, stomach and spine.

Here are some of the treatments he has received so far:
. Integrative medical treatment for the first 6 months
· 43 treatments of IMRT radiation
· 6 year of Hormone therapy injections and pills
· Eight rounds of Chemotherapy at UCLA
· 10 months of Zytega, a new drug especially for metastasized prostate cancer
· 22 more treatments of IMRT on 2 new tumors
· Began new chemotherapy in April 2012

With the help of a trio of world renowned doctors, Randy and Shelley have hope and professional reassurance that his treatment resistant cancer can be controlled by a new approach. How?

· Cutting-edge low-dose chemotherapy utilizing a unique delivery modality and a Blood Chemo Sensitivity Test that allows the oncologists to switch between several compatible chemo drugs, in an effort to prevent immune resistance to treatment

· Dendritic Cancer Vaccine; the development process of which won the Nobel Prize for medicine last October

· Anti-Fungal Infusion which helps break down bacteria forming around cancer cells

· Haunvan, a pill for Hormone Resistant Metastasized Prostate Cancer

· Various complementary treatments including nutrition and supplements to balance his immune system

This intensive treatment protocol ran for 5 weeks, 5 days a week. His response has been amazing. His PSA (cancer activity marker) went from 92 in March down to 7 in June. This astounding result has only further increased Randy's resolve to continue with this intense course of treatment.

As you can imagine, even with health insurance, Randy’s outstanding medical bills have mounted up. Currently they total about $60,000. Along with his monthly health insurance premium of $1,875; which increases 20-30% every year.

His current treatment costs $1200- $1500 a day. It will continue 1-2 days a week for 8 weeks. His medical insurance doesn’t cover most it.

Fortunately, dear friends and family have given Randy their love and financial support. Shelley has taken a 6-week Family Assist Disability Leave to be with Randy during his current treatment. Randy plans on starting back to work as soon as he can, but it will take some time.

Randy is fighting the battle of his life right now. By giving our love and financial support, Randy can concentrate on his recovery not his crushing medical bills. We are asking any of you that are able, to give whatever you can, great or small, to help assist Randy and Shelley with this heavy burden.

If you would like to contact Randy directly to show your love and support, here is his email address:

Randy and Shelley, our hearts are with you. Our prayers are for you. We’ll help in any way we can.
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