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Please help save a precious life with a selfless heart of gold which has touched so many people in such a positive way.

Ginger was inherited by her beloved owner's son when the elderly lady passed away after a long battle with Mesothelioma in 2006. One of her dying wishes was that someone would take care of Ginger and provide her the same level of care and comfort which Ginger had given her for so many years. Of course there was no doubt that would happen, even without her stated request. Numerous people, friends and family, stepped forward because everyone who ever meets Ginger simply loves her.

With great energy and enthusiasm, Ginger showers love and kisses on all she meets. From babies to the elderly, from the disadvantaged to the social matrons, Ginger is shameless in her love for one and all. spewing forth love and kisses for her new found best friend. It is truly amazing to see this tiny four-legged creature work her gentle magic on the weak, frail and lonely as well as the strong and difficult. Everyone simply melts under her attention and no one is immune.

She simply loves and respects every creature that she meets, be it two legged or four. Her creed seems to be that any mammal blessed with a spark of life is inherently good. She has no time for rivalry, petty jealousies, bickering and the like. Shameless love is her game and peaceful co-existence is a way of life with her.

With supreme intelligence, intuition and a sixth-sense we humans cannot comprehend, Ginger assisted her elderly, impaired "mother" with day to day chores and never required or demanded the care typical of most dogs. She simply takes care of herself and selflessly extends that care to those around her.

Now Ginger needs help, but would never ask for it or burden anyone with her needs. She endures without complaint and asks nothing of anyone. Despite diligent care from her new companion and patient, Ginger has developed a dental condition which threatens her life. Infection from four defective teeth has migrated to her ear canals and other locations resulting in great pain and hampering her ability to properly eat her food. To correct the problem, she will need four extractions and antibiotic therapy which her disabled owner cannot afford.

With a 100% disability medicare monthly income of only $1,200 and a host of medical problems himself, her owner struggles to provide for himself and Ginger with no disposal income or savings for emergencies. Without the funds for her treatment, he cannot give her the medical care she so desperately needs and her life withers slowly away.

With a small donation, you can give a second chance to a precious life which has touched so many people in such a positive way. Surely there are angels out there who can and will extend a helping hand. Please give what you are able and help save a tiny creature with a gigantic heart.

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