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Come join Mom Betty Anderson, Sandra P. Rock, Daughter & Caregiver-Advocate's new community.

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We need your help! We have exceeded "medical bankruptcy" and the limits of what the healthcare bureacracy can do for my Mom.

I have been advocating and caring for Mom Betty, 90 years old, nearly 6 years out of love and care for her safety, well-being and quality of care  since I became aware of her dementia and subsequent downward spiral into Alzheimer's.  A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association of NJ.

Contributing factors are as follows:  We lived in two different states, Mom, Long Island, NY, and me New Jersey.  On February 12, 2012, Mom fell and fractured her left hip and underwent hip replacement. Consistently, I traveled back and forth, 120 miles round trip bi-monthly. I was making efforts for mom's proper care, initially, homecare in Long Island, which did not work out. So, I moved her to an assisted living facility in NJ close to me and had challenging problems with her medical insurance from her employer and Medicare, and even tried to work out a reverse mortgage to pay Mom's bills. Having to relinquish work, I devoted time to resolving matters for her care and the maze of the system has been challenging. October 13, 2014, Mom, fell and fractured her pelvis at a facility and was hospitalized here in New Jersey for 29 days. Mom has been moved four times because of the lack of proper care for dementia/Alzheimer's patients in various facilities, a variety of doctors and so-called patient advocates, which was very difficult to deal with objectively. Traveling back and forth to Long Island during the past six years, including this past very snowy winter, we closed on my mother's house, which had been on the market for a year. The sale of the house, if not emotional enough, only paid a portion of the debt that is now owed to various patient care services, lawyers, agents, and storage.

At this time, I only live on Social Security and a small stipend for community volunteer work, as an Outreach Minister for children and family caregivers of incarcerated inmates.  My passion and hope, I can resume gainful employment... Caregivers need care too and resourceful funds.  Statistically, 17 billion hours of unpaid care is at a cost of $206 billion during the time spent for caregivers of dementia/Alzheimers. We are challenged healthwise and financially.

I thank God my Mom is somewhat stabilized in a Nursing Home nearby and I am looking forward to new beginnings. I need urgent assistance for both me and mom for quaity of life during her twight years.  I promised Mom, she would be cared for according to her wishes and expectations.,%202015

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