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The family and friends of Rennie Miller are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against thyroid cancer. Please show your support!

Rennie a very generous and active woman was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March of 2012. She is only 55 years old. Rennie had been sick for the year previous before they discovered the tumor, that would forever change her life. Once the tumor was discovered the doctors immediately did tests to see if it was cancer or not. Sadly, it was cancer. By the time it was discovered, the cancer completely consumed her thyroid. She had a tumor growing at a rapid pace from her thyroid and burrowing into her wind pipe. It was only a matter of time before this tumor would manage to make it into her windpipe and suffocate her. She needed surgery and needed it as soon as possible. The doctors explained that this is a fast growing cancer and will need agressive treatment. She will need support from her family to get through this procedure as recovery time is harsh and lenghty. On April 6, 2012, her husband of 15 years left her. He left her stating that he could not take care of her, it was a difficult burden to be placed on him. He left her with no money, no car, she does not have a job, and more importantly he left her alone with no one. Luckily, she has family members close by to take care of her. Going into surgery with a broken heart and feelings of being alone was very scary. She needed to be positive and depend on love and support from her family as she begins her battle against cancer. On May 23rd, she had major surgery to remove the complete thyroid and the tumor that was growing into her windpipe. Fortuneately the surgery was a success, they were able to remove the tumor with minimal repair to her windpipe. She is currently suffering through set back after set back as a result of this surgery. She needs to begin radiation therapy, but this cannot happen until she heals and become healthy enough to tolerate the radiation. Currently, we are in the middle of a set back, one that has landed her in the hospital to regulate dangerously high blood levels and to avoid dehyrdation. She has been left with numerous medical bills and living expenses that have accrued over the last several months. Until therapy is over and she is back on her feet, she is overwhelmed with numerous expenses and relies on minimal SSI, dial-a-ride for transportation, and the food card from local welfare department. Any financail help, prayers or kind words of support would be greatly appreciated by Rennie and her family. We are hoping that after her radiation treatment, she will be cancer free. Only time will tell. Thank you!

UPDATE 07/09/2012 : Still struggling with her lack of energy, very weak trying to get all the medications balanced out correctly. The biggest problem right now is depression. Being all alone and not feeling good does not mix very well when you need to have a positive attitude to fight cancer. Her family tries to keep her spirits up and provide things to look forward to, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. She did have a very good weekend, they went over and cleaned the house and did some much needed house maintenance. She was very tickled to be in freshly painted and clean living room. The feeling of having things fixed also made a difference to her. She starts radiation starts in two weeks and she was told that six weeks following that be very trying on her body and she will need all support from family and friends that she can get, because she will be sick and the depression will be magnified. Each and everyone of them will continue to do everything they can to keep her from giving up!
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